Thursday, August 1, 2013

Got out today and stopped at the farm stand and bought some tomatoes.  Michigan tomatoes aren't ready yet...the gal told me that these are from Ohio is right next to Michigan so I might guess these are greenhouse...but I ate one and it was pretty tasty so who knows?

I was reading today about juicing.  Have any of you done that?  I don't eat enough vegetables so I am wanting to give it a try but juicers are expensive so I am afraid that I will buy one...use it for a short time then it will sit on a shelf somewhere.  What do you think?

Good knee surgery is scheduled for August 19th.  My knee has actually been feeling pretty good I debated whether to even have the surgery.  I am bone on bone, but if it isn't hurting than maybe I can go without it.  So I left my apartment and did some walking (through Kohl's)....after about 1/2 hour my knee started I guess I am doing the right thing.  It's either that or stay at home and rest all the time.

I have been missing my grandson that is visiting his mom in Florida.  Here is a picture of him with his brother...they really like each other a lot and look forward to having summers together.  

Have a great evening!


  1. Two handsome lads. Maybe your tomatoes are from southern Ohio. I know my sister says it's colder in Michigan.

  2. Jim has always made a huge garden, but couldnt this year. We have really missed the good tomatoes and other veggies. Those we buy at the store just arent the same for some reason. I know you miss your grandson, but at the same time, you are glad he is having fun with his brother. Be careful and take care of that knee until you can get it 'fixed'.

  3. No juicing here. I don't care for juices much. But I LOVE veggies and fruits on their own!

    I need to get back to the garden to check for more tomatoes - it's been a few days.

  4. I have resisted buying a juicer, because I know I would use it for two weeks and then never again. Maybe watch a garage sale for one - then you can resell it in your next garage sale (I write that, smiling!).

    Your boys are cute, and it's great that they get to spend the summer together!

    Good luck with the knee. I'll be anxious to hear how you do, knowing I am facing the same thing one of these days. The Synvisc injections are working well for me right now. Thank goodness!

  5. My kids bought me a juicer and I love it. I just started juicing this spring, but I can tell the difference in how I feel on days I juice as compared to the days I don't. I highly recommend it. This is my juicer - it's fairly uncomplicated and easy to clean: