Friday, August 16, 2013

Today I had a wonderful lunch with my school teacher and her daughter, Caitlin.  

They took me to Coast-to-Coast Deli.  It is just around the block from where I live and I have never been there.  My sandwich was delicious.  We talked about our summer, my surgery, and the up-coming school year.  I think I have the best teacher of them all...and boy did she look skinny today.  Over the last couple of years she lost a lot of weight and this summer she had the skin on her arms and tummy tightened.  She looked wonderful!

Later in the day the hospital called and said my surgery time was changed.  My heart sank...another change....but hey, they moved it up two hours so now I have to be at the hospital at 7:30am.  And the nurse said...sooner is better because then it will be over with sooner.  Makes sense.  It's just that the hospital is two hours away so I will have an early morning on Monday.

Tomorrow I am going to visit my friend Vicki.  She lives on a lake with our other friend Gratia.  This week Gratia is in Seattle visiting one of her children so we have the place to ourselves...maybe even get to take a boat ride!  So I am hoping for a little warmer weather.

Have a good night and sleep tight!


  1. Well good luck and we will be praying. sandie

  2. Nice to be with your teacher and her daughter for a lunch....earlier is better because you have less time to worry and stress!

  3. How nice that your teacher and her daughter treated you to lunch, and that you had a chance to catch up on summer activities. I know they will be supportive during your surgery and recovery! I agree that earlier is better for the surgery, and the surgeon and his team will be fresher, too. Do you have someone to drive you there and be with you, Ruth? You are in my prayers, and I hope you can catch us up soon, so we know how you are doing.

    1. Yes, my daughter Holly will drive me to the hospital and be there for me. Thanks for your prayers.

  4. I think the nurse is right and will be thinking and praying for you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.