Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another day done

Today seemed like the longest day.  Nothing bad happened...and nothing overly good either.  I decided to try to do one nice thing each day to create a more positive attitude in myself.  So yesterday while cleaning and sorting,  I discovered a superman ring, an action figure and two care bear movies in my possession.  I decided to give them to my new neighbor.  I met her and her grandson in the hallway the other day.  He seemed a typical kid to me.  Hanging on the wall railing...and running down the hall to beat his grandma back to the apartment.  When he went in the apartment she mentioned that he has a hard life...I don't know exactly what that could mean that his family is poor...or he has had a deep sorrow...or someone is mean to him....but I just wanted to do something.  Does it seem right for a six year old to already have a hard life?

So I dropped off the movies and toys this afternoon..and my neighbor Carol was appreciative...luckily she has a VCR player and says that she enjoys showing her grand kids movies...(mine are too old now for Care Bears).  We chatted for a while and then I wondered down to the community room to visit with whoever was there.  There were two people not playing cards so we visited a while and I came back upstairs and played a game on my computer.  

I decided it was too quiet so I checked out what was on tv.  Nothing I wanted to see.  I have eliminated a lot of channels because of my finances...then Dish is warring with CBS so there goes some more channels.  Frankly I think when this happens they should have to put a premium channel in place of the ones that are blacked out...after all, you are paying for a certain number of channels and aren't able to receive them.  

So I tried Netflix.  I have a hard time finding things I like on Netflix...I guess I need my grand son to come and give me another lesson on using it.  So I settled on a series called The Lying is about two twins separated at birth...they reconnect and switch the one twin can go and search for the birth mother...Kind of teenager-ish, but, besides that, it is interesting.  That has been my day....I am discovering that living alone is not always fun...especially day after day...with no job to go to, no money to travel about and no one stopping by it makes life kind of deary....I have been cleaning my apartment because while I am in the hospital there will be two inspections here in the building...and besides when I come home it will make a nice homecoming to have everything tidy.  Tomorrow I am going to tackle my closet....try on clothes and decide to keep, sell, or wish me luck.


  1. From what I know, Terri is the Netflix expert, so I'm sure she'll be able to help too. Good luck with your chores.

  2. LOL at Brenda's comment, but Joe and I are TV addicted, and we enjoy Netflix. Ruth, the British series we have been watching "Midsomer Murders" is excellent. They are murder mysteries, and what we like about them is that we can NEVER figure out who the murderer is - NEVER! The writers are so good. If you enjoyed "Murder, She Wrote" or "Columbo" I know you would enjoy this series, and there are 81 episodes! You can find most any older TV show, and lots of movies, listed by category. Wish I was there to show you how it works.

    I so need to clean out closets. Sigh. Much easier to sit on my duff and watch shows on Netflix.

    Maybe this time next year, you will be here in Florida, Ruth! Keep that in front of you and it will happen!

  3. I think you are very wise to do the cleaning, sorting, and getting your place ready for when you come home from the surgery. Plus, when you are up and going again, and ready to make the move to Florida, you will have less to do. We dont have anything but the plain channels on our tv. We just make do here...dont use Netflix or the Red Box thing either, just runs and If I cant find anything to watch on tv, I read.

  4. That was a nice thing for you to do for your new neighbor's grandson. You will be really glad when you come home from the hospital to a nice clean apartment. Hope you have a wonderful week sweet Ruth. HUgs