Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The inspection was really ridiculous.  They started on the 7th floor at 9am....I live on the 4th floor.  There are about 18 apartments on each floor.  At 10am I could hear them down the hallway knocking on doors.  I was ready...up, dressed and the apartment looked presentable.  So they knock and tell me they will enter in a few minutes.  Knock again....I answer come in....Doug the head of maintenance comes in...walks over to the smoke detector and presses the button....the alarm briefly sounds and he turns to leave.
"What?  Done already?"  I ask.  "Yup, you are good to go."  he replies. 

Didn't even look around for any overloaded sockets...or wires strung around across pathways...never even glanced into the bedroom or the bathroom....not really an inspection at all.

So I played a couple of games on my computer then remembered that I hadn't heard from my doctor's office.  I called  and luckily got the same gal.  She didn't seem to even remember my call from yesterday so I had to go into the whole explanation again.  She didn't think I needed to be retested....oh, but I said that the other nurse for the anesthesiologist said differently.  Luckily I had her phone number right in front of me.  Ten minutes later she returned my call and I am to go in tomorrow for another blood work-up, urine and EKG.  I am glad I called and got things going again.

I went out and did a little shopping....and now I am tuckered much so that I missed the community pot luck tonight.  
I guess I should drink a few glasses of water....last time they had a difficult time with drawing blood...said I was dehydrated.  Of course I can't have anything to eat or drink after mid night. 

Oh ....remember when I said I was working on my closet.  I made it halfway....have one huge garbage bag of clothes to donate...already in the trunk of my car.  Now that half of the closet has a little breathing room!  Next week I plan to continue on the other side...then the floor and lastly the two shelves above the clothes.  One step at a time.


  1. Glad you got your appointment made for the lab work. Drink more water a few days ahead, Ruth, and my doctor said you can have water before fasting labs, so maybe it's okay for you too.

    The inspection does sound like a bust. Good grief, all that build up for testing the smoke detector. Of course, they may know that your place would be fine, too.

    Good for you getting half your closet done!!

  2. I'm going to tackle some clutter too in my 'office' later on. Good luck with your tests.