Sunday, August 18, 2013

A day at the lake

Yesterday I spent the day at Mirror Lake.  I have a two friends that live on the lake.  Gratia owns the house and lives on the top floor and Vicki, my other friend, rents out the lower level.  Gratia was away visiting relatives but Vicki invited me to come over for the day.  

She fixed a nice pasta salad and we journeyed down about 70 steps to where the pontoon boat was docked.  We took a cooler with cold drinks and planned to tour the little lake and just relax.  She had on her swim suit...but I didn't even bring mine since I figured the water would be cold since we have had some chilly nights recently.

So we untie the boat and get ready to take off and when she turns the key...nothing happens.  She checks that she had it in neutral...tries again and nothing.  We check the leads to the battery...and everything looked I figured it was a dead battery...even though the solar panel was hooked up.

We decided that we would tie lines to the boat and just let it drift out a little...she wanted to get in the water and near shore it is mucky.  Well sure enough when she got in the water was cold!
So we did enjoy some cold drinks and some good conversation and we each got a little sun.  It was a-okay with me. 

While sitting there I noticed a beautiful water lily.  Took this picture but it doesn't do any justice to the was white with a bright yellow center...not so much in the picture.

This is what the neighbors yard looked like....notice how steep it is!

Well not nearly as steep as Gratia's ...hers goes straight up...wish I had taken a picture of the steps!

These are two pictures across the lake...

For dinner we headed out to the Artisan Wells Restaurant.  We called ahead because this was race weekend....and if you know anything about Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI you would know how traffic and crowds can be on race weekends.  It is always crazy.  Anyway we were able to get a table and had a good meal.  Artisan Wells is like a Harley Davidson restaurant with lots of motorcycle stuff and sports things all around.  

It was a very nice day and I was glad to get away from my little apartment and just relax with a good friend.  

Today I am cleaning and packing for will be a very early morning and I have to be out the door at 5:15am....tough for someone who likes to sleep in.

Have a great day and of course I appreciate your prayers for me tomorrow.  


  1. Beautiful pictures and I am glad you were able to get out of the apt. and enjoy the day with a friend. Hope someone will be able to drive you home after surgery....

  2. Love your photos too. Will be thinking of you and praying that your operation is a success.

  3. What a beautiful lake, and how great that you had such a good day with your friend and some warm sunshine! You are in my prayers, Ruth, for a successful surgery and an easy rehab! Know that you have prayers and all good thoughts surrounding you, dear friend!