Saturday, February 23, 2013

Introducing my newest grand baby....born today in Las Vegas....Ryleigh.

Now I need to save up so I can go and visit her.

Have spent my Friday and Saturday with my grandson Andrew. 
Today we watched the Daytona race.  What an ending!

We are currently watching basket ball....not my favorite.  We have a seven game bet going on
in which whoever wins gets the last ice cream bar.  If you lose you have to eat yougart.

So far I am losing :(

Let you know tomorrow the results.  Have a great night.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now I know how he felt...

I think I wrote about Andrew spending the night and how he woke in the night in extreme pain....that was my night last night.  I now know that it wasn't what me and my daughter thought but it was a form of a flu bug that lasts only a few hours but comes with all the yuckiness and includes stomach pain.  I had some anti-nausea pills and some other aids that I didn't hesitate to take.  With Andrew I did not offer these as you never know how they might react with children.

Today I took a day off even though I felt ok to go to school.  I was tired though and knew I wouldn't be energetic enough to do what I do.  I am sure the kids wonder where I was.  Tomorrow is Friday and it is always exciting on Friday.  I keep a bottle of hand lotion there and the kids love it because it smells like chocolate.  I went through the first bottle quickly because they begged me to have after that we dubbed Friday as lotion day.....they know that each Friday anyone can have a little dab of Grandma's lotion.  We have missed so many Fridays lately that they are really looking forward to I am hoping that I will sleep tonight and feel okay to go to school.

I have spent the day resting, watching tv, and reading.  Now I feel like I need to move around and do something.  Have a great day!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi everyone,

Well, I made it through my long weekend.  I had visions of me just sitting around my apartment all weekend.  But as it was, I wasn't a bit bored.  On Friday night I went to a soup and pie dinner with two friends.  I had two bowls of soup and two pieces of pie.  I was stuffed.
Saturday my grandson, Andrew, called and wanted to spend the night.  He is twelve now and mostly takes care of himself.  We got some catching up done since lately he has by passed staying with me and has been visiting my daughter, Holly....there is usually a lot of kids at Holly's house.  She had my other grandson, Keito (11) and two step children who are girls....when they each have a couple of friends over it is almost like a party!

I sent Andrew home on Sunday afternoon and about two hours later he calls and wants to come back!
Normally I would have said no but I thought about how in a couple of years he will be a teenager and won't want to hang out with Nana.  So he came over and I got a pizza and two movies to watch.  We went to sleep late...well he did, I was still awake and heard him moaning and crying.  I went in to check on him and by that time he was actually screaming.  I thought at first it was a bad dream but he was having terrible pains in his stomach.  I tried everything...and the pain kept getting worse.  He begged for me to take him to the hospital (something now that he claims he doesn't remember doing).
I sent his dad a text and no answer.  So I took his temp which was normal.  Asked about his appendix and he has already had that I hunted for tylenol and didn't have anything except for advil so I gave him one and a tums...and told him we would wait one hour more.  In ten minutes he was fast asleep. 

The next morning (which was only two hours) I heard him in the kitchen.  He was hungry.  As a matter of fact he was already warming up a slice of leftover pizza!  No pain anymore.

His dad called and I told him that Andrew was now fine.  So go figure....don't know quite what it was but am glad it wasn't anything serious.

Tonight, I have Keito spending the night.  He makes a little tent in the corner of my living room and plays with his Ipod.  No problems, just content to do his own thing.

That's my life now....being a good Nana.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

       As we approached Valentine's Day I thought this year it would be different.  I had been seeing a new man.  After our second date my hopes got a little out of control.  Had I finally found someone?
Well, last weekend we were to have our third date.  It turned out to be a date where everything goes wrong that could go wrong.  I planned to take him to our Historical Museum....because he seemed really interested in that kind of thing.  When we got there, he was obnoxious to the tour guide....acting like he knew everything about everything.  It was kind of embarassing.  Then I took him for a driving tour of one of our city parks.  It use to be a farm and there is a road that goes through the woods.....he used to work on farms....I thought maybe this would interest him.....we stayed there long enough to drive through.  So next we went out to dinner.

He ordered the special.....I ordered the chicken tenders....his meal was unsatisfactory....I didn't eat mine out of sympathy for him.  I had mine boxed to take home....he didn't.  We started a discussion of religious views...big mistake....we have entirely different beliefs!   He got critical of Christianity and of my favorites, Joyce Meyers.  I defended her.  I heard him mutter under his breath...."I can't wait to get out of here!"  I took that personal.....I told him my head cold was giving me a headache and could he just take me home.  End of date?  No, once we stopped in front of my apartment building he said to wait he had something for me in the trunk....he pulled out a grocery bag with a heart shaped box of candy!  I hugged him and said thank you.....he pulled back.  I said bye and walked into the building.  End of date.

The next day I got an email saying that I was very welcome.  That he thought I was someone who could be something in his life.  I never answered and haven't heard from him since.

I ate the candy...threw away the tin it came in.  I tossed the flowers from our first date.  So Valentine's day wasn't one I looked forward to this year. came and it was our meeting day for Foster Grandparents.  All the kids at school were bummed the day before when I told them I wouldn't be there for Valentine's Day.  So I promised to come to their party after the meeting.  The meeting was very interesting....and I learned a lot about diabetes....and Goodwill Industries.  After the meeting I went to the school and I was walking in on the sidewalk and heard someone shouting, "Grandma Ruth!!"  Turning to my right the side door of the library opened and there was all my students...jumping up and excited to see me.  They were almost out of control and each one had to give me a big hug.  After library time we went back to the classroom for the party.....I got Valentines from everyone...a big chocolate bear, a mug, a stuffed bear, and lots of candy.  That really cheered me up.

I came home with a smile on my face and decided to cook a dish for the community potluck.  I never go to these things but had heard someone being critical of the lady in charge.  So I decided that maybe I should show my support.  As it turned out there wasn't even one empty seat in the community room....maybe others felt the same way as me.  I had some delicious food and enjoyable conversation.  So it turned out to be a good Valentine's Day after all.

I hope you each had a good day too.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I last wrote.  I am still working on my goals so that has been taking some of my time.  Also, my computer crashed.  The teacher I work with suggested her computer guy to help.  He told me it would be $20. just to look at my computer.  So I said ok.  That night he called and said that he was running a test and it was coming out good.  He called again and left a message that the test showed some bad sectors....and he needed my authority to run further tests.  When I called back he said it would cost me an additional $ I thought it would be only $50...much cheaper than buying another computer, right?
Well, late that night he called again and told me that my hard drive was completely gone....a new hard drive would be about $100, to install a new operating system $ I quickly calculated it would be $ far....and not worth it since I had already checked prices for a new laptop at $350.  I told him to just return my laptop.

The next day he dropped it off and insisted I pay him the $50.  I kind of felt cheated...being that he didn't fix my computer but I didn't want to fight so I paid.  (After all, how do I even know if he did anything?)

My friend, Bonnie, recommended another computer guy that had done work for her in the past.  She was telling him how I am on limited income and work in the school as a foster grandma....he said, "Wait a minute, are we talking about Grandma Ruth at M_____ School?"  Bonnie said yes....and he said, "tell her to let me have the computer and I will fix it for free!  My daughter loves Grandma Ruth!"   When Bonnie told me this it brought tears to my eyes.  I didn't thing anyone even noticed me at school.

So he had it for a couple of days and called and told me that he was going to reformat the hard drive.  He did and I have the computer back.  It is working ok.  I lost all my data and it seems maybe a little slower but it is still working.  I gave him $20....even though he didn't ask for anything.  He told me he didn't know how much longer it would I know I should start saving up....and storing my data on a flash drive!

So in deciding to start watching for a new you have a desktop or a laptop?  Which one do you like better?  What operating system are you using?  If you have Windows it hard to use?  Do you like it?

Ok, that's it for today....tonight is my aquacise at the YMCA.....I was able to get a reduced membership for $13. a I am started with the water exercise and when I strengthen my legs then I will try the treadmill or exercise bike. 

Have a happy day!