Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi everyone,

Well, I made it through my long weekend.  I had visions of me just sitting around my apartment all weekend.  But as it was, I wasn't a bit bored.  On Friday night I went to a soup and pie dinner with two friends.  I had two bowls of soup and two pieces of pie.  I was stuffed.
Saturday my grandson, Andrew, called and wanted to spend the night.  He is twelve now and mostly takes care of himself.  We got some catching up done since lately he has by passed staying with me and has been visiting my daughter, Holly....there is usually a lot of kids at Holly's house.  She had my other grandson, Keito (11) and two step children who are girls....when they each have a couple of friends over it is almost like a party!

I sent Andrew home on Sunday afternoon and about two hours later he calls and wants to come back!
Normally I would have said no but I thought about how in a couple of years he will be a teenager and won't want to hang out with Nana.  So he came over and I got a pizza and two movies to watch.  We went to sleep late...well he did, I was still awake and heard him moaning and crying.  I went in to check on him and by that time he was actually screaming.  I thought at first it was a bad dream but he was having terrible pains in his stomach.  I tried everything...and the pain kept getting worse.  He begged for me to take him to the hospital (something now that he claims he doesn't remember doing).
I sent his dad a text and no answer.  So I took his temp which was normal.  Asked about his appendix and he has already had that out....so I hunted for tylenol and didn't have anything except for advil so I gave him one and a tums...and told him we would wait one hour more.  In ten minutes he was fast asleep. 

The next morning (which was only two hours) I heard him in the kitchen.  He was hungry.  As a matter of fact he was already warming up a slice of leftover pizza!  No pain anymore.

His dad called and I told him that Andrew was now fine.  So go figure....don't know quite what it was but am glad it wasn't anything serious.

Tonight, I have Keito spending the night.  He makes a little tent in the corner of my living room and plays with his Ipod.  No whining...no problems, just content to do his own thing.

That's my life now....being a good Nana.


  1. I can totally relate Ruth, and you are so right, they reach a certain age and then don't have time for us, so we need to enjoy them while we can.

  2. Sounds as though being a good Nana is a second full time job...but a rewarding one.