Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

       As we approached Valentine's Day I thought this year it would be different.  I had been seeing a new man.  After our second date my hopes got a little out of control.  Had I finally found someone?
Well, last weekend we were to have our third date.  It turned out to be a date where everything goes wrong that could go wrong.  I planned to take him to our Historical Museum....because he seemed really interested in that kind of thing.  When we got there, he was obnoxious to the tour guide....acting like he knew everything about everything.  It was kind of embarassing.  Then I took him for a driving tour of one of our city parks.  It use to be a farm and there is a road that goes through the woods.....he used to work on farms....I thought maybe this would interest him.....we stayed there long enough to drive through.  So next we went out to dinner.

He ordered the special.....I ordered the chicken tenders....his meal was unsatisfactory....I didn't eat mine out of sympathy for him.  I had mine boxed to take home....he didn't.  We started a discussion of religious views...big mistake....we have entirely different beliefs!   He got critical of Christianity and of my favorites, Joyce Meyers.  I defended her.  I heard him mutter under his breath...."I can't wait to get out of here!"  I took that personal.....I told him my head cold was giving me a headache and could he just take me home.  End of date?  No, once we stopped in front of my apartment building he said to wait he had something for me in the trunk....he pulled out a grocery bag with a heart shaped box of candy!  I hugged him and said thank you.....he pulled back.  I said bye and walked into the building.  End of date.

The next day I got an email saying that I was very welcome.  That he thought I was someone who could be something in his life.  I never answered and haven't heard from him since.

I ate the candy...threw away the tin it came in.  I tossed the flowers from our first date.  So Valentine's day wasn't one I looked forward to this year. came and it was our meeting day for Foster Grandparents.  All the kids at school were bummed the day before when I told them I wouldn't be there for Valentine's Day.  So I promised to come to their party after the meeting.  The meeting was very interesting....and I learned a lot about diabetes....and Goodwill Industries.  After the meeting I went to the school and I was walking in on the sidewalk and heard someone shouting, "Grandma Ruth!!"  Turning to my right the side door of the library opened and there was all my students...jumping up and excited to see me.  They were almost out of control and each one had to give me a big hug.  After library time we went back to the classroom for the party.....I got Valentines from everyone...a big chocolate bear, a mug, a stuffed bear, and lots of candy.  That really cheered me up.

I came home with a smile on my face and decided to cook a dish for the community potluck.  I never go to these things but had heard someone being critical of the lady in charge.  So I decided that maybe I should show my support.  As it turned out there wasn't even one empty seat in the community room....maybe others felt the same way as me.  I had some delicious food and enjoyable conversation.  So it turned out to be a good Valentine's Day after all.

I hope you each had a good day too.


  1. Ruth, that is so great how your day turned out!! It is also a good thing you found out about that man before it went any farther. I love how you analyzed him and the date! It's a good thing, and just wasn't meant to be. Some women don't find out what you did until they are too deep into it.

    How wonderful that your kids love you so much! How could you not feel better after a greeting like that!

    It is good to catch up with you!! Love & hugs.

  2. Thanks Terri....I'm glad I found out about him too....I had prayed about the relationship and I believe God pulled some strings for me!

    As for my school kids...I am so blessed to have them...they make my day...many times.