Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I last wrote.  I am still working on my goals so that has been taking some of my time.  Also, my computer crashed.  The teacher I work with suggested her computer guy to help.  He told me it would be $20. just to look at my computer.  So I said ok.  That night he called and said that he was running a test and it was coming out good.  He called again and left a message that the test showed some bad sectors....and he needed my authority to run further tests.  When I called back he said it would cost me an additional $ I thought it would be only $50...much cheaper than buying another computer, right?
Well, late that night he called again and told me that my hard drive was completely gone....a new hard drive would be about $100, to install a new operating system $ I quickly calculated it would be $ far....and not worth it since I had already checked prices for a new laptop at $350.  I told him to just return my laptop.

The next day he dropped it off and insisted I pay him the $50.  I kind of felt cheated...being that he didn't fix my computer but I didn't want to fight so I paid.  (After all, how do I even know if he did anything?)

My friend, Bonnie, recommended another computer guy that had done work for her in the past.  She was telling him how I am on limited income and work in the school as a foster grandma....he said, "Wait a minute, are we talking about Grandma Ruth at M_____ School?"  Bonnie said yes....and he said, "tell her to let me have the computer and I will fix it for free!  My daughter loves Grandma Ruth!"   When Bonnie told me this it brought tears to my eyes.  I didn't thing anyone even noticed me at school.

So he had it for a couple of days and called and told me that he was going to reformat the hard drive.  He did and I have the computer back.  It is working ok.  I lost all my data and it seems maybe a little slower but it is still working.  I gave him $20....even though he didn't ask for anything.  He told me he didn't know how much longer it would I know I should start saving up....and storing my data on a flash drive!

So in deciding to start watching for a new you have a desktop or a laptop?  Which one do you like better?  What operating system are you using?  If you have Windows it hard to use?  Do you like it?

Ok, that's it for today....tonight is my aquacise at the YMCA.....I was able to get a reduced membership for $13. a I am started with the water exercise and when I strengthen my legs then I will try the treadmill or exercise bike. 

Have a happy day!


  1. Ruth, you know that I just got a laptop, and it is Windows 8. I don't know if I like it at all, but everybody tells me to hang in there, and that in a month, I will love it. It is nothing at all like windows 7. I did get a mouse tho,and much prefer using it instead of the finger pad. If you can go to your library and try one out, it might make your decision easier. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Linda...maybe I will try that.

  3. Ruth, I love my laptop, and don't miss my desktop at all! I did get a wireless mouse, though, because I hate using my thumb on that pad. It didn't take me long to get used to the new Windows, and I know you are a quick study, too. The nice thing about the laptop is being portable! I sit in the living room with mine, or the kitchen, or outside on the patio - and can travel with it.

    Good luck with whatever you decide! I'm happy to see you here again. I've missed you!

  4. Thanks Terri.....I so missed reading blogs and visiting my friends on the computer. I am hoping this repair works for awhile so I can save up some cash for a new one. Someone told me that I ahould get a desktop because they are easier to repair....but I do like the portability of a laptop. I haven't had a desktop for years!

  5. I just bought a Chromebook - it's an adjustment, but I'm learning and I think for my purposes it will be fine. I really enjoy the fact that it is so lightweight and portable. I'm happy to share more info if you're interested.

  6. Yes Julie, I would be interested in more information. Like can you do documents or is it just for internet....

  7. It all depends in what you want to do on your computer. I have both a laptop (bought after my husband died so I'd leave the house more) and a desk top (bought the year before he died. It was our 4th computer over many years. We usually got about 8-10 years use out of our desktops computers.

    I do business on the desktop and some internet streaming. What I found is I love my laptop for taking places and traveling. I am on the internet on my laptop more and I write on my laptop. Business stays on the desktop.

    The Chromebooks are inexpensive but I think mostly for internet use. If you're doing things that you save data for, you have to evaluate Cloud storage and how comfortable you are with storing things "somewhere else". I'm not comfortable with that but that's me.

    So, think about what you do with your computer before you spend a lot. You can buy a very good inexpensive computer. I own a Dells. Our family pitched in and bought my sister an HP for her birthday two years ago. It was her first computer. I recently bought my son a Gateway for his birthday. All are good computers.

    I do not want Windows 8 and many people hate it. The computer store where I just had my laptop repaired said people are downgrading from 8 to 7. So, this is also something to consider. You can still buy Windows 7 for a this year only I think.

    Some stores will let you try one in store. Visit a computer store and tell them your looking around and want to know what the differences are.

    1. Some really good advice. Thanks so much. I think I will shop around and check things out.