Saturday, February 23, 2013

Introducing my newest grand baby....born today in Las Vegas....Ryleigh.

Now I need to save up so I can go and visit her.

Have spent my Friday and Saturday with my grandson Andrew. 
Today we watched the Daytona race.  What an ending!

We are currently watching basket ball....not my favorite.  We have a seven game bet going on
in which whoever wins gets the last ice cream bar.  If you lose you have to eat yougart.

So far I am losing :(

Let you know tomorrow the results.  Have a great night.


  1. Precious baby. Time spent with grandchildren is always special. Hope you won!

  2. Oh how precious!! Congratulations!! I hope you are able to go visit her soon! Sounds like you had a wonderful night with your grandson..who ended up winning?

  3. Congratulations! A beautiful new grandbaby! Yogurt is better for you anyway, Ruth! So who won the ice cream bar? ;)

  4. I won the ice cream bar!! Of course I had a hidden on which I eventually gave to Andrew :)

  5. I have a grandson named Andrew too and I would love a girl grand baby - she is cute.