Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Update

I spent today at the Crosby Art Festival in Toledo, Ohio.   It is a huge affair and actually I went yesterday to browse the festival and today I went as a volunteer at the Toledo Artist Club which acts as an artist's lounge during the festival.  I learned to make coffee today.  Yup...I have only made instant coffee in my lifetime but today I must have made twelve pots of coffee and actually received compliments on how good it was.  Who knew I had a talent for this!

Last week I took three paintings to the Toledo Art Club for their show and was disappointed when none of the paintings were hanging in their gallery.  As a matter of fact the whole gallery had bare walls.  I asked why....and was told by another volunteer that it would be frowned upon to compete with the visiting artists who paid to exhibit there on this weekend.  I actually thought it was a lost opportunity since many of the artists asked to see some of our paintings and we had nothing to show them.

I am going to start visiting the Toledo Artist Club more often.  They have various times when members go in to paint together.  It is a little drive to get there (about 45 minutes) but I do need to meet with others who share my interests.

My other three paintings which are in another show are a big disappointment.  Not the paintings but the show itself.  I went over to check things out and there were a total of eight paintings and three of them were mine.  I won a juror's award (whatever that is) but not best of show.  My painting that won the juror's award was surprising because I didn't think it was my best work.  Here is the one that got the award

Excuse the glare and the date (I still haven't learned how to correct this on my camera).
I must say I was disappointed in my "friends".  Not one "friend" visited the show to see my art.  I was so upset last week that I called my daughter and told her I was coming to Florida for good and to get something ready for me.  I need a new start and new friends.  It will be a hard six weeks until I go for first a visit in which I will look for work and an apartment.  The hard part is that she might be moving so I might have to wait until fall. 
So after visiting the show I was so disappointed that I was glad that no one made an effort to visit.  But it still hurts that in a whole month not one person supported me in my interests after years of my supporting them in theirs.  Enough said..
I have no plans for the upcoming holiday except to go and house sit for my oldest daughter and her fiancĂ©.  Oh...I almost forgot....they called and told me they are getting married on July 7!   My daughter had talked about it before but I think this is her fifth or six engagement and somehow I never believed it would happen.  So it will just be a courthouse wedding but at least she is finally getting married!  I was told to just dress casually whatever that means.  So at least I have that to look forward to. 
Well, enough of my prattle....hope all is going well for you.