Friday, August 9, 2013

Test completed

Hailey, my grand daughter (pictured above in the darker pink dress) arrived at my apartment this morning at 7:15 am.  Her mother dropped her off as this is my son's weekend with his daughter and he was working.  This saved him a 20 mile trip to pick her up.  

She has been ill for two weeks and I was hoping she was better.  She sure looked cute in her little black lacy skirt and turquoise top.  I wish I would have thought to snap a picture but I was thinking more of my various medical tests which I had to get to by 9 am.  
She didn't know when she came that she would be tagging along with her Nana this morning.

She sat and waited in the waiting room while I had the EKG, the urine specimen test and the blood draw.  Everything went well and I should hear back sometime next week about the results.  Maybe they will be better than my last ones were. 

Afterwards we stopped at Burger King because I wanted to treat myself and her to a breakfast.  For me...a warm cinnabon and for her some pancakes, sausage and hash browns.  I ate all my cinnabon and could have eaten another, but she stalled out on her first pancake saying she didn't feel well.  I asked her where it hurt and she said her stomach.    She had seen a doctor previously and they thought it was acid re flux ..then when she didn't get better they found out she had a bacteria infection which I now learned was strep throat.  She messed up on her dosage and had just finished taking the last pills this morning. 

All afternoon I could tell she wasn't feeling well.  She simply laid around and watched Netflix.  Finally my son got off work and came and I told him to do something...not to let this go by.  I almost insisted that he take her to the doctor.  He wanted to wait and see if she was better and maybe go to the emergency room if necessary.  I told him that wasn't a good idea....surely there would be a much larger co-pay...than an office visit and why wait.  So he called the doctor and was told to bring her right away.

I just heard from him by text and she still has the strep throat.  So I have been busy spraying lysol....taking a hot shower with dial soap and praying that I don't get it!  Of course I said a prayer for Hailey too...

Then I went down to get my mail and visited with some people in the I am starving and need to fix something for a late dinner.  Hope you all had a nice day. 


  1. YOU WILL NOT GET IT - so think positive! sandie

  2. Aw, prayers for your granddaughter.

  3. Prayers for both your granddaughter and your tests.

  4. Bless her heart, that old strep is hard on you. Sure hope you got the 'bugs' cleared out and you dont get it, right here before surgery. Have a good Sat.

  5. Poor baby. I hope the next round of medicine kills that strep for her! I also pray that you don't get it, too. Prayers for both.