Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three good things

I have three good things to tell you about. 

Today I decided to move to Florida.  It won't be right away.  But I am hoping for about a year from now.  I spoke to my daughter (Arlene, in Florida) and she agreed that it was a good thing for me.  I just need to do some planning and saving.  So today I decided to pick up my learning Spanish again.  I had three years of Spanish in high school.  I actually found at the library a copy of the book we used in class.  I also found another book that came with two cd's.  I am looking for someone that I can converse with in Spanish.  That should prove interesting. 

Second, I went to see the doctor about my scopes.  He had only positive things to say.  All the tests that he ran were benign.  I had a list of questions and he answered most of them except for the kidney one and he told me to go back to my regular doctor for that. He believes the low hemoglobin is due to a couple of ulcers he found but with proper medication he said those are healing so he increased my medication and said they would be healed in a couple of weeks...or maybe four.  But it is nothing to worry about.  
So maybe tomorrow I will call the surgeon to get rescheduled.  I am not as gung-ho about the surgery as I once was.  I actually liken it to a balloon that is so pretty when you first blow it up...then you let the air out and blow it up again and it doesn't look as nice.  In the morning I am going to try to take a walk and I know that it will convince me to have the surgery.  I know this sounds silly, but that's how I work things out in my mind.  

The third thing is, I found the spider!  He was dangling in the bathroom...before he was in the hallway.  I sprayed him first and then I took my flip-flop and squished him and threw him in the toilet.  I will sleep better tonight.  I just hope he had no friends or relatives visiting.

It was cooler here today and just a really nice day.  It felt good to visit the library and sit in the shade reading while I waited for time for the doctor's appointment.  I hope you all had an equally nice day.


  1. 1, 2, 3!! Wow! I am very excited that you decided to move to Florida. Been here 24 years this week, actually, and don't regret it at all. We love it here, and you will too! Glad you got some answers from your doctor, and are exploring your options for the surgery. Keep us posted, please! As for finding the spider....hooray!! Have a great Friday!

  2. You can converse with me in Spanish, but I imagine you mean someone you can speak to face to face. Maybe you could find someone who would be willing to do an exchange class.

  3. Always wonderful to hear good news! I'm sure your daughter will love having you nearby.

  4. YAYYYY, I am so glad you made the decision to move to Florida. You will be surprised how much better the joints and bones feel in warmer weather. You had loads of good news, especially about the spider...yukkkk! Keep us posted on your knee surgery and what you decide to do there. Happy Friday!

  5. So glad to see all your good news. Moving to Florida sounds exciting. Hugs

  6. What an exciting post this is! I am so happy for you!