Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This is my grandson Tristen.....he is angry because his mom keeps taking pictures...but his expression mirrors my feelings at my doctors.  I guess I have to be patient and wait for them to be able to see me...to have the results of my tests...but all I have been getting is the run around.  I just need to take a deep breath and calm myself...maybe it is a good thing not to see them right now.  My whole summer has just been a waste..as they say the best laid plans etc.

Today I decided to try to reconnect with an old friend.  We had a falling out about two years ago.  I have missed her.  So I have been going through my "stuff" and found a couple of books that she would love and also have decided that she would like my jewelry making supplies...so I bagged the stuff up and headed to her house...I didn't call first because when I called her number I just get a generic message...and when I got there I noticed the yard hadn't been mowed...so unlike her.  Her dog was barking in his pen...but all the shades on the windows were drawn and the place looked abandoned.     So I knocked...then noticed a little note pad on the inside door...there was a message there from July 6...saying that she has been very ill and to just leave a message.  So I did with my new phone number...now the bag still sits in my car.  I hope she is okay.  I hope she calls me.  Please say a prayer for her.  Her name is Terry.

This week is our county fair.  I wish I could go.  I have missed so much this summer...just recently the Ann Arbor Art Fair...now perhaps the county fair too.  I guess I am just in a funk...do you ever get in a funk?

I am so happy for William and Kate and their new arrival.  I have always loved the royals...sometimes I think it would be nice to have a royal family in our country....but hey, I guess being part English I will just appreciate the English royals as my own.  Just this week I pulled my pictures of my trip to England and relived my memories of that time.  I guess that is why we take pictures...to remember. 

My grand daughter has been sick for 5 days.  They finally took her to the doctor's and she has acid re-flux   I never knew that young people got that.  I guess she is on a bland diet.  Can you imagine a teenager being on a bland diet?  And for how long?  She will visit me on Friday so I will find out the details.  

Have a nice evening.


  1. Hi Ruth! I'm so sorry you are in a funk, but we all go there now and then. I'll say some prayers for your granddaughter. Let us know what you find out when you see her on Friday. I also lifted a prayer for your friend, Terry. Hope you hear from her. Prayers lifted for you, too! Love & hugs!

  2. Sorry to hear you are in a funk. I think it is something we all get in sometimes. Hopefully the visit from your granddaughter on Friday will help lift your spirits. I do hope you are able to reconnect with your friend. Prayers coming your way for happier days a head and healing thoughts for your granddaughter and friend Terry.

  3. Oh my, you do need a pick-me-up. Sorry it's such a rough time for you, I hope you can find something redeeming about your summer before it's completely gone.

    Prayers for your friend and I hope you hear from her soon.

  4. Oh yes, I have been right where you are - funk. Hopefully it will pass soon, you will hear from your long time friend, enjoy your granddaughter, and most importantly right now, hear from your doctor. I still think you should move to Fla. after you get your health problems solved and settled. Prayers for your friend, your granddaughter and YOU.

  5. I am keeping your friend Terry in my prayers. I hope you hear back from her soon. I think it is awesome that you are trying to rekindle your friendship with her. Sometimes we just need to forgive and let the person we know we still want them in our lives. The picture of your grandson is so darn cute! I completely understand the funk that you find yourself in! It isn't fun and I hope it doesn't last too long for you! ((Hugs))