Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Yesterday I visited my cardiologist.  I expected a stress test but he didn't think it was necessary at this time.  As we were talking he shocked me by saying that he doesn't think I should have surgery until I get my other issues straightened out.  I told him that I had already talked to the surgeon's office about my iron problem and they didn't have a problem with it....then he said something strange..."did they address the issue with your kidneys?"

"My kidneys?"  I asked disbelievingly.  It turns out that my kidneys aren't functioning properly.  So now I have an appointment back with my regular doctor's office to get to the root of my kidney and iron problem.  I can't believe that no one told me about my kidney problem!  Could it have something to do with my iron deficiency?  Then he ordered a thyroid test and an echo cardiogram to be done...
I hope I'm not falling apart.

Last night I still went to my Joint 201 class held at the hospital where I am getting surgery.  The nurse answered a lot of questions and we were able to see our future rooms.  One lady was having surgery tomorrow..which is today....which surprises me because they said their unit was closed until after the holiday.  I guess the doctors need a vacation/holiday too. 

After our class my daughter took me shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop.  Have you been to one?  I didn't even want to go in because by this time I was tired.  I thought it only had Christmas things and wasn't in the mood for that. had a lot of neat things.  I got a fish that lights up, a personal chip-n-dip plate, and two Chinese lanterns.  (I didn't even see one Christmas item.) My daughter treated me so it was cost free.  
Here is a picture of my treats....


I will be putting the fish and lanterns on my balcony (probably after surgery).  The chip plate I might use tonight!

If I don't make it on tomorrow I wish everyone a happy 4th of July!!


  1. Ruth, it truly is best to address any physical problems before you have surgery. Hopefully it isnt anything serious with your kidneys, but still best to make sure. Hope you have a happy 4th!

  2. I agree with Linda, Ruth. Listen to your surgeon and get your other issues fixed before you put your body through the trauma of surgery and therapy. I don't know about iron and kidneys, but you sure don't want your kidneys to shut down from the anesthesia, and your iron levels need to be up so you will have the strength to heal properly. Please keep us posted, and know that prayers are being lifted!!

    I love the things you got at the Christmas Store. How cute are those lanterns! The chip & dip plate will be great to use when you are watching TV. Good finds!

  3. We used to have one of those shops and it closed - made me sad. What kind of surgery are you going to have? Good luck with your kidneys and your iron. Sandie

  4. Love your photo andd will keep you in my prayers.

  5. Saying prayers that your kidney problem is not serious.