Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting is over

Hi friends, 

I haven't heard from Terry....last night my ears were ringing.  When I was young my mom told me that someone was thinking or talking about you if your ears were ringing.  So my brother and I would start naming names until the ringing stopped and that would determine the person.  Sometimes we found it to be true and other times not so true.  Last night it stopped on Terry.  Maybe she has decided to remain distant.  It's okay....I, at least, offered a hand. If I hear from her I  will let you know.  Hopefully she is well again.

This afternoon I got a call from my doctor's office from one of the doctor's assistants.  He said that I now have surgery clearance.  I was so surprised.  I asked him how that happened since I haven't had any more blood tests.  And he said that the doctor believes that I had a bleeding ulcer that healed itself and I am all right for surgery.  ???  When I called my daughter she was equally baffled.  Then she told me what happened to my grandson's father.  He is around 35 years old and a diabetic.  Type A I think.  So his doctor required him to have an eye exam.  He had two younger sons so his mother took him to the eye doctor and dropped him off and took the kids to her closing appointment (she is a realtor).  They dilated his eyes and he is waiting and starts feeling funny.  Like he is going to be sick.  He calls for someone and they come and have him walk to the wastebasket and he passes out, falls on the floor, breaks his nose which bleeds excessively because he takes blood thinners, and skins up his face.  Finally they bring him around and he has cotton stuffed in his nose and they decide he should go to his regular doctors.  They get a wheel chair and wheel him out to the reception desk.  Then they allow him to get up and walk three blocks to his doctor's!  How stupid is that.  He couldn't see clearly,  he was weak and told them he needed to eat and they told him he could get something from his family doctor.  He could have wondered out into the street or fallen again outside.  Thankfully, he made it and is now home.  So I have begun to have no faith in doctors.

I guess I will get the real story tomorrow when I visit with the doctor who performed my know I will ask about the ulcers that mysteriously healed themselves in two weeks. know maybe it was a miracle.

Does anyone know how to get rid of spiders when you can't see them?  Lately I have had several bites...I thought they were mosquito bites but they swell up and itch for several day...then they seep.  Well, the other night I saw a spider dangling down from the ceiling.  I tried to get him but he got away and I couldn't find him.  This morning when I woke..I had two new bites on my arm which are quite itchy and swollen.  I need to find that spider.  Any ideas?


  1. Oh ick to the spiders! I know you can get spider repellent to use around the house, but I don't know how it works or if it is safe on your skin. Scary.

    I would make your doctor really explain things to you, when you see him tomorrow! That's not unheard of, but your blood count was so low that they needed to look for internal bleeding...I would think they should at least get your blood counts again! Keep us posted! Get a second opinion if you aren't comfortable with what he tells you! You remain in my prayers!

  2. I am not sure - I am with Terri - is there a spray? And I would talk and ask the doctor all your questions so that you feel good about it. Best wishes. sandie

  3. I react like that to mosquitoes. The other night one woke me up buzzing around my face. Hope everything goes well with your doctor. Will be praying that it's so.