Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

I went to the doctor's again yesterday.  I was scheduled to actually see her nurse practitioner but was soon switched over to the other side of the office and had to see the doctor.  I guess I had questions that the nurse couldn't or wouldn't answer.  Like, was I still going to be approved for surgery.  Like, what was happening with my kidneys and why wasn't I told.  

Of course, I remained cool, calm and collected.  It is better that way.  The doctor would not approve me for surgery.  And yes, there is problems with my hemoglobin and kidneys that need to be cleared up.  I think she waited until she got the cardiologist's report before she made that decision.  So now I have to have a gastroscopy and and a colonoscopy to see where I am losing blood...I don't think I am but obviously they do.  So next Tuesday that is on my agenda.  Today I had an echo-cardiogram the time they are finished they will know me inside and out!

After I went to the doctor's I stopped by my apartment and actually had to lay down for a while.  I was exhausted.  I was out like a light.  
I know it wasn't for long because I was watching a recording of Joel Osteen and it was still on when I woke.  Maybe twenty minutes.  But when I looked out my balcony door the scene had changed....a big storm had started.  I thought about just waiting a couple hours before heading back to my daughter's but then I thought that maybe it would get I headed out right away.  

On the way back the weather seemed to clear up but there sure was a lot of water on the road.  At one point almost all the road was covered and luckily the car ahead of me saw it and slowed and we were able to drive around it on the other side of the road.  

So I reach my daughter's house and this is what I saw....

this gazebo was set up just before 
my daughter left on vacation...they were
so proud of it and it looked quite cute sitting there with four chairs and a table with a potted plant on it.  She also had hung the Chinese lanterns that we bought at the Christmas tree shop.  Of course, I hated to call them and ruin their vacation...especially since this was their last day...but I thought it better than for them to come home to a nasty surprise.
The gazebo had been staked down but with all the rain we have been having the stakes didn't or couldn't grip the soil good enough.  She asked me to just put the chairs in the garage and they would do the rest when they get home tomorrow night.  

I will be glad to get back home.  It has been nice getting away from the apartment...but having a great responsibility...especially a puppy.  

Well the sun is back out now...maybe I will sit on the deck for a while.  Have a great afternoon!


  1. They are sure putting you through a lot of tests and procedures but it is best they know everything before surgery if they plan that for you. I am sorry about your daughter's gazebo. I hope it is not damaged and they can get it set back up. Hope you have had a nice afternoon. Hugs

  2. It really is best Ruth for the doctors to know everything before they operate on you. You sure dont want to be put under and then something happen. It is aggravating I know, but be glad they found it and can do something before, not during or after operating. I am so sorry about the gazebo and furniture. You will probably be glad to get back home and no pets to take care of!

  3. All the tests and all the waiting around are exhausting! I'm sorry they have put off your surgery, but it is better to go into it knowing you are healthy enough to handle it. Do keep us posted, please. You are on my prayer list, dear friend.

    That must have been quite a storm! Such a shame that their new gazebo got ruined. Take care!

    1. My family came home today and the neighbor came over and they got the gazebo off the pool fence....the neighbor saw the whole thing topple over and he said it was hailing. I guess I missed that.

  4. Got is with you through all of this - HE knows.

    1. Thanks....I appreciate your comment and I feel Him with me.

  5. It has to be so frustrating that they delayed your surgery but it is a good thing that they want to get the problems they see figured out so you are healthy for when they do surgery. I will keep you in my prayers.

    That had to be a heck of storm!