Saturday, July 6, 2013


This morning I packed up my car and headed out to my oldest daughter's.  They have left on vacation and I am house/pet sitting.  

Here are the pets...
   the black cat is Isis....the puppy loves to tease her.

she didn't want her picture taken!

This is the puppy...Sophia

Some of you might remember Sambi...he use to be my my daughter's.

and a tank of fish....

it was raining...and raining...

the patio is wet....I will enjoy it on a better day.

Remember my tomato plant....the first tomato fell off the kids saved it for me....I enjoyed it at lunch.

My excitement of the day.  The one thing my daughter told me was to be careful that Sophia didn't get outside without her lease.  Well, I had let Sambi out and wanted him in and while I was calling him, guess who dashed out the door.  I chased and chased and finally got a hold of Sambi and Sophia came over and I reached for her and I tried again and slipped on the wet grass but caught her all the same.  I am thankful that nothing broke.  I brought her inside and put her in the cage for 15 minutes...until I gave in to her whining.  I hope it never happens again.  I must be more careful!

It should prove to be an exciting week.  Tuesday I will be visiting my doctor again and hope to make a decision about the upcoming surgery on my knee.  I am almost ready just to postpone it.  

Anyway have a nice evening.


  1. Glad you didn't hurt yourself when you slipped on the wet grass. Also glad you caught the bad fur-babies!! The deck looks amazing! I hope the sun comes out so you can enjoy it while you are there. Please do keep us posted about your knee surgery.

  2. You have plenty of company there. Hope you get some good weather so you can rnjoy being outside.

  3. What little cuties you are sitting. I too hope you don't have to go chasing any of them again and thankful you were not injured when you slipped on the grass. What a beautiful deck it would be so nice to sit out there and enjoy. Have fun with those little cuties. Hugs

  4. Oh my, do be careful and have a good week with the furbabies.

  5. Hope the sun comes out so you can enjoy their deck. You will certainly have enough company there. Let us know what you decide about your knee surgery. Have a nice Sunday.

  6. How are you feeling? Are you ok?

  7. So happy that you didn't hurt yourself! I love the deck! The weather people kept saying the last two days that we were going to get rain but it never arrived. I love the photos you posted..they are so cute!! Have a great week and keep us posted on your plans for knee surgery.

  8. Yes is Monday and I am okay....thank Jesus. I hate to think what would have happened if I had hurt myself. My daughter might have put me in a home...just kidding. So far, I have only had one other incident where the black cat, Isis, got outside and she is strictly an indoor cat! Luckily she is a slow cat and I caught her right away.