Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thinking Tuesday

I am calling today Thinking Tuesday.  Just for myself.  I am home today and going to do some thinking.  I have had a busy couple of weeks.  I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fairs....actually four of them were all going on at the same time.   It was crazy full of people and I actually got to have a conversation with the man who won best of show for painting.  I was walking by his booth and stopped to ask him some questions about his paintings.  He answered and we had a little conversation.  Later when I went by the Art Fair Booth I saw that he was the winner!  To me this was amazing because I just stumbled on his booth.  It seems like they place the best paintings in one area so I always make it a point to browse that area before I am too tired. 

I also went to the county fair.  It was at my daughter's insistence.  Lately she has been making sure that I do things.  Maybe it is the idea that I may be leaving to live in Florida...but whatever it is she has been keeping me busy.  This weekend we are going on a little trip up North....stopping first at Frankenmuth.  I haven't been there in ages...for those far away Frankenmuth is stuck in Christmas...there are quaint little shops selling Christmas items and of course, a store named Bronners...could possible be the biggest Christmas store ever.  I will try to take pictures.

Last night I brought in some more stuff from the trunk of my car.  I went to my storage and got stuff to go through.  I usually bring it in late night when the other residents are asleep....they always have questions like...."Are you moving?"   So I thought I had it made but when the elevator went up it stopped on the second floor and a lady got in with two books (our library is on the 2nd floor).  First thing she asks is...."Are you moving?"  lol.

Anyway I went through the box and it was mostly junk...some paint brushes...and some oil paints that are probably ruined by the cold winter....then I opened the bin and found more summer clothes...so I spent the next 1 1/2 hr trying on clothes.....I only found a few items that didn't fit....and the rest I really liked.  You see I never buy something unless I love it....so I just have so many things that I love.  It will be hard to whittle things down for a move.  That is one of the things that concerns me on moving.  I know I have to let go of things but it is so hard for me.  My daughter is no help....she really doesn't want me to go so I can't ask her to help me decide what stays and what goes....and I definitely can't take everything with me....heavens, I have just too much and to pack it and move it would be too costly for me. 

Sometimes the little voice in my head asks if I am doing the right thing.  My son and daughter who live here think I am not making a wise decision.  My son told me no one will hire someone my age.  I can't go there and not do some kind of work.  My daughter who lives in Florida says that getting a job won't be a problem...but it is here so why would it be different in Florida.  In two weeks I will
see what the job situation is in Florida...on the internet there seems to be lots of jobs advertised...but whether that is actually true remains to be seen.

Today I read about a woman called the woman in black.  She is seen along the highways between Georgia and Ohio....She only carries a little bag with her.  She dresses all in black.  How did she make the decision to give up all she had and just walk and live on the land?  Is she desperately sad or really more content.  Jesus tells us that we shouldn't lay up treasures on earth,

Matthew 6:19
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

Maybe I need to keep that thought in mind in my personal situation. 

Well, enough for now.....have a great Tuesday...it is cooler here in Michigan today...hope the sun is shining where you are and that blessings are raining on you.


  1. Cleaning out and throwing away is always a hard thing to do. Then having to pack what you keep to move is a job in itself. It is nice here today - sunny, low humidity and it is 70 at noon! Loving it.

  2. Going through things stored away is a good exercise, no matter what you decide, Ruth. I think it is exciting that you might be moving down this way! I know you will keep us posted!