Friday, July 18, 2014

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday I had the day off from the Summer Reading Program so I decided that I had better do what I had planned from the beginning and head out to Toledo and go to my painting group. In the beginning I was volunteering 5 days a week and then realized that the artist club had painting times on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. So I asked to change my scheduled days to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so I could paint with others.  For lots of reasons. I had been putting off going.   I always have been a little bashful in new situations so that is one of the reasons.  Another is my preparations for the Florida start new idea.  So yesterday I had a talk with myself and kind of got after myself and headed out. 

It is about a thirty five mile trip to the Toledo Botanical Gardens (where the Toledo Art Club calls home).  I was still not certain that I should go so right away a little voice inside kept listing more reasons not to go. The main one that popped up was about my car.  My car is old. It was purchased for cash after I had to let my wonderful Prius go back. I had intended for it to be a temporary vehicle and to get a better one down the road.  Now it's going on 5 years and I still have it.  Lately it has developed a problem. When it gets to between 49 and 52 miles per hour, it flutters.  Acts like it might stall out.   Scary. Again I gave myself a little push and decided I would just have to have more faith that I would make it there and back. (I did, by the way.)  

I actually got there a little early (8:45am) so I checked facebook on my phone.  I waited and waited.  It was 9:15 then 9:30.  I tried the door it was locked tight.  At 9:35 I decided to leave.  I went across town to the large shopping mall.  I tried on a lot of clothes and vowed to go back on my diet.  I did find one dress on sale for half price and since it was sleeveless I had to buy a shrug to go with it. Then I went to chic filet for lunch and told myself that I would get serious about that diet tomorrow. Lol

After that I was pretty worn out but I wanted to go back to the artist club.   To get some answers about the painting group but also to see my paintings hung in their gallery.   I knew the club Secretary would be there at 1pm.  So I went back across town.  When I got there I saw a lot of cars in the lot.  This didn't surprise me as I knew that there was a different class in the afternoon.  I went in and asked the secretary and she told me yes that they did have people painting there in the morning.  ?????  I told her my situation and we surmised together that it must have had a really late start.  Probably the people who regularly attend this were aware of it..but not someone like me...a first timer.   So although disappointed I understand.  I went in to look at my paintings and to compare to the ones who won.  (I didn't).  I guess I took the theme wrong.  It was the road less traveled and mine were the only ones with roads in them.  Most of them were paintings of farms.  I guess farming is done less nowadays but I wasn't thinking like that.  If I was part of that morning group I might have known.

So I left and drove home.  No incidents.  Yeah!   When I got home I was beat.  I sat on my sofa for a moment and awoke with a start about an hour later.

I was contemplating watching some tv and putting my feet up when I remembered that I had promised someone to go to the local opera house to view a play.  So I freshened up just in time to leave.  The play was "Catch Me if You Can" .  It was a movie but I had only seen parts of it.  The interesting thing about it was how they handled the many changes of scene.  I think there must have been about 14 scene changes.  The disappointing thing was that it was mostly a musical.  I must say that most of their plays are.  I would like to see a drama sometime with maybe only one or two songs. 
 One gal (toward the end) was a really great singer....I would have liked to hear more from her.  The lead male was good but kind of a boring voice and persona.  I got home at 11:30pm....a busy day and late night....made getting up today a little difficult.

Today I did the reading program this morning and am heading out to get my prescription and any groceries and then the rest of the day I will take it easy....maybe paint a little, read a little, stare at the tube a little.  Tomorrow Ann Arbor Street Festival and Art Shows...4 in total.


  1. Good to catch up with you, Ruth! I'm sorry you drove all that way, only to find out the group had a different meeting time. Nice to see your paintings hanging, though!

    I don't care for the plays (or movies) that are all singing - I'm with you on that one. I get bored pretty fast, trying to follow it. I don't care for opera, for the same reason. Enjoy the art shows tomorrow!!

    1. I think going to musicals is okay but not when you are already tired.

  2. I am like you in that I dont do well in groups of new people and sorry you had to drive over there and not get to do anything. Maybe it will work the next time. When do you think you will move to Fla? got a date yet?

    1. My daughter bought me a one way ticket for August 10. I am going down to look for a job and scope out the cost of living on my own down there...also to experience the high heat and see if I can tolerate it. I can stay away as much as 2 months...then I will be in trouble with this apartment complex. I don't think it will take two months to make a final decision....but it just depends on how things go.

  3. Hi Ruth..what a disappointment that the meeting was at a different time but shopping and lunch sounded fun! I would have thought the theme, Road Less Traveled, would have had a road in it too! Will you be able to blog when you go to Florida in August? I can't wait to hear how you like it. What part of Florida does your daughter live in?