Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wedding Day!

Yesterday was a great day!  I went to work at the summer reading program and got to meet my three young students.  They are all so charming....and the time with them just flew by.  Then I didn't stay for lunch but hurried home to my apartment to change into a dress and head out to Toledo for my daughter's wedding.

The groom's mother, Dottie, was suppose to pick me up and after I really hurried to get ready and be down in the lobby I waited and waited and finally decided something was wrong.  Could she have gone to the wrong senior high rise?  So I texted my daughter and waited for an answer....turns out Dottie misunderstood and was going to come an hour later (which would have been too late).  So she rushed over to pick me up but then insisted that I drive.  She has a brand new Ford Escape....so driving that was a LOT different than driving my 17 year old Monte Carlo.  When I tried the brakes I about threw us through the windows!  But I adjusted quickly and on the way home told her I wasn't giving her car back!

Here is a couple of pictures of the wedding...

As you can see it was quite informal...done on the Toledo Court House property in front of a statue.  Afterward we went to the Toledo Spaghetti Warehouse for a delicious meal and got to sit in the old Trolley.    I had Spaghetti with meat sauce...still have some in my frig....It was all delicious.  This is what they had...


Over the weekend while I was at their house I got an idea to buy them some new things for their table...then at the last minute I realized they wouldn't have a wedding cake...so I bought one and a bride and groom figurine and left it in their refrigerator as a surprise when they got home.  Here is a picture of the table and the cake...
So all in all a lovely day!


  1. How sweet of you to have the cake made for them. Glad you finally got there in time to see the ceremony. I wish them happiness and many years ahead.

  2. How nice! Bet they were tickled by that cake.

  3. Thanks Linda and Cynthia....they did love the cake and table decorations! Today I had some time with my daughter and she is very happy.

  4. What a nice surprise for the, Ruth! Great photos of the wedding. I think casual is great. The Spaghetti Warehouse is really good. There is one in Tampa, and we need to go there again! Your summer reading program sounds great, and I know you will help the students learn!