Monday, July 14, 2014

Good morning!  I am sitting at my table at the summer reading program. My student didn't come today for this hour so I am on my kindle writing this.  This past weekend I watched all the episodes to the series "The Killing"   36 episodes!   I don't usually do that but it did help keep me occupied.

I have been giving a lot of thought to what makes someone have a happy fulfilled life.  I use to think a happy life would mean having a home, family, and lots of things.  Especially money.  I am beginning to think I was so wrong.  It's really probably different for everyone and some people probably never find the answer.  What do you think?

Well almost time for my next student.   Write more soon


  1. Ruth! We watched them all in about 4 days! What a great detective show! I can't wait for season four to start next month!

    Money isn't that important, though it is nice to have the bills paid and a little extra. You can't take things with you, when you die, but you can leave your family and friends with lots of great memories! You will also make an impression on all the students you are helping! They will remember you! How's that for a happy feeling!?

    1. I guess Money isn't what makes us happy.. But when you don't have that much to live on.. and then try making your life happy is a bit harder.. But I guess what makes me happy is watching Cooking Shows.. That does not take any money at all... LOL.. Thank Goodness.....

    2. Helping children is a good feeling...rewarding. I have three this boy and two girls...two are going into 4th grade...the other little girl tells me she is repeating 1st grade....although I'm not sure that is true she does read well. Maybe it is for another reason they are holding her back.

  2. I remember when I was living in Reno,NV. I thought How could people on Facebook tell about their day and then say.. Life is Good?? When I thought my life was horrible? I think it is all in how and where you are in Your Life... And at that time I was not in a very happy place.

    And since then I have moved 3 times.. and I don't know,, if you can chase your happy life.. or run around looking for your happy life.. But I can say.. Moving all this time has been interesting LOL.. I can now say.. even though my life is very slow... and I don't work so there is no interactions with anyone in that way... And all my friends I left behind in Reno,NV.. even the ones that has died.. I miss them so much.. but don't really think I could go back and live. Because I know I can't find my Happiness there...

    But where I am right now is very interesting. I moved to Spokane,WA at the end of Feb and moved into my new apartment in the middle of March. And what does it take to be or seem happy???? This apartment is on the 3rd floor and is a corner apartment with a fireplace.. The only thing I don't have that I am missing is a washer and dryer... I have to take 24 steps down to the ground floor, then walk across the property to where the Manager has her office and there is the Laundry also there. I can only wonder how it will be to get my laundry done in the Winter when there is a hip's worth of Snow... Time for me to look for a portable washer.. I can hang my wet clothes on drying racks.. So there you have it.. I am as happy as can be. We all try making our lives as happy as we can.. or afford.. lol..And since I am poor.. Its been very interesting.. in staying happy...

  3. Thanks for the comment Barb. I am contemplating moving to Florida...maybe that might make me happy....we will see. Lately I have been thinking of happiness...that even people with everything they think they want sometimes find themselves not happy. I really would like to know how some people seem to be happy and what or how they attained this...or is it just fake. Someone said to fake it till you make it...any truth to this?

  4. For me I find happiness through my family, friends, my faith, my dog, the outdoors, healthy living..etc. I try to stay away from negativity. How are you plans for moving to Florida going?