Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sorting, Sorting and Sorting

Since I made my decision to move to Florida it dawned on me that I have so much to do.  I live in a small apartment that has 3 closets.  One is kind of large and supposed to be used for storage...which I guess I took way to seriously.  It is (or was) packed full.  Now a lot of it is in my living room.  Because one of the many things I have to do is get rid of things because I can't pay to have stuff shipped to Florida.  It is so hard.  I save too many things.  Pictures, greeting cards, art supplies, jewelry, and then there is all my stampin up stuff.  I have tons.  I sit and look at it all and get frustrated.  All the money I spent and how I wish now that I had it back.  I found about 20 notebooks...I guess they were on sale and I was going to college and thought I would need them.   All this from just one closet.  The other two hold clothes....how much clothes do we really need?  I have 5 pairs of boots...maybe six winter coats, dressy dresses, skirts that I hardly wear....and maybe 20 swimsuits....along with tons of tops, capris and jeans.  I have 3 sock drawers...imagine that.  What is wrong with me?  Maybe it goes back to when I was young and was lucky to have 3 outfits to wear to school.....I guess it affected me somehow.  Anyway it is so hard to just throw stuff out.   I guess I should pile up the jeans and take them to a resale shop....I just need to find out about that. 

So yesterday as I was pulling everything out of the closet, my grandson, Andrew, calls.  "Can I come over?" he asks.  I can't say no because guess what....he is leaving on Saturday to go and live in Florida....not just visit.  So I warned him the place was a mess but he was welcome to come.  Today when he left I gave him a big hug and told him I would miss him so much.  He has been a good companion in my lonely times and I will miss him coming over and us going to the movies together.  Now I will have to go to the movies alone again.  :(    I asked him if we could Skype sometimes and he said yes of course. 

I know I should be thinking that in the future I will move to Florida and he will be there for me again.  But when I look at my living room and the destruction of just one closet then Florida seems way out of the picture.  Of course you don't know the whole story that I have a whole 9x12 storage shed that still needs something done to...it has about 20 mystery bins....Christmas decorations....household goods I couldn't make a decision on when I left my house and other odds and ends.  I tried to bribe my grandchildren last year to help me clear it out and I had no takers. 

So you know what I will be doing in any spare time I have.  I hope in reading this you wont think badly of me  (I am not a real hoarder but I can see it lurking in the background) .....I think things just got out of hand and life kept going and I got behind.  Now I have to buckle down and purge things.

Well...that's my plan anyway. 
Next week starts our summer reading program and 3 mornings a week I will work one on one with children to improve their reading.  I made these plans before I made the Florida decision but at least it will give me a little reprieve from a task I hate. 

I have been thinking of what I want to do for the fourth of July.  No one in my family has mentioned any plans so I don't know what to do.  I guess if nothing comes up I will just work the day away on clearing out stuff.  Ok enough of that.  Maybe you can mention how you would handle the holiday if you were alone. 


  1. Oh Ruth! I so know what you mean. We collect so much. I'm not a hoader either but after Jerry died, I have had such a hard time getting rid of stuff that I really want to get rid of. And it doesn't help when you have people around you who say, "But you might want it later!"

    Can you have a yard sale, Ruth? You could make some of that money back and I'm guessing from what you're saying, you could have several yard sales. LOL.

    I managed to get rid of some things but it took me a while and I'm still struggling with others. Now that I won't be working soon my plan is to do a room at time.

  2. Are you in an apartment? Maybe you could have a "trunk" sale. Put a bunch of stuff in your trunk, stand outside next to it with a sign and 'advertise" You could do that every weekend. LOL doesn't sound fun does it? But you might put on your sign - "Need Money for moving to Florida"

  3. Sorry... I got so carried away designing yard sales! I am alone for the holiday. My church is having a 4th of July fellowship and I'm thinking of going to that. I've spent the last 4 years of 4ths alone. I read, write, crochet, or watch something. At some point, I think I accepted that this is my life and the only way to change it was either die or find something to do. It wasn't a hard choice.

  4. I wish I could have a yard/garage sale...I live in a senior high rise apartment building...they won't even let us give things to others...we use to have a share bin in the floor lobby and they did away with it because of the possibility of spreading bugs. I had (notice had) a friend who was going to let me use her garage for a sale and low and behold I saw her advertise her garage sale on facebook....she never even called me to tell me...so I am kind of stuck. I don't know if our church is having something for the 4th....actually I might be at my daughter's since they are going away for the weekend and guess who gets to take care of the cats and dogs. But thanks for your comments....one nice things about sorting is that you find interesting things....old journal entries, pictures of my mom and dad and a real rarity a letter from my Dad written to me when my children were small. Made me cry.

  5. It is so hard. My gf is moving out of her lovely townhome into an apartment and had to go through so much. It was rough but she did it. You will too. As soon as you start getting rid of things, you will feel lighter and fresher and it will become easier.


  6. Moving is an overwhelming task! I can't imagine having to do it. I not only have closets with years and years of stuff but I also have two spare rooms with "stuff". I totally understand when you ask...why? I don't have a clue why I save the stuff that I do. I know it must have been hard saying goodbye to your grandson but how wonderful that you will be living in Florida and will be close to him again! Have you ironed out a time frame for your move yet?

  7. I have only moved 4 times in my life, two of which were from another city with family, and the other two from small house to bigger one. Every day I see something or pick up something and think 'what do I need this for'. I dont plan on moving again until it is to Heaven, but my children will have to go through all this mess, if I dont start doing it now. As someone said, once you start throwing away, it will become fun and you will go like a house on fire! lol Wishing you good luck and an easy time of doing it all. Do you plan to move this summer? What about your job at school?

  8. Thanks for all your kind comments. Yes Linda I plan to move soon. In August my daughter is flying me to Florida. I am going to help her out with the children and then also look for a job. No one but my blogger friends and of course my daughter know this. She thinks I should stay with her at first but I like my own place so I know it won't be long. I can be away from my apartment for 2 months at a time. If I find a job and a place then I will make time to fly home and get my stuff somehow and move. So I want to have a lot done here before then. I haven't told the people that I volunteer for. I was changing locations anyway so I think it will be okay. There are lots of ifs and buts but I think I am very determined to make this work....I need a change and a fresh start. So hopefully this will all work out.