Friday, January 24, 2014

I've been trying to convince myself to write a blog.  I have been keeping a journal since the 1st of the year but somehow blogging just hasn't happened for me in a while.

It is very cold here in Michigan and school was delayed for two hours this morning.  Personally I think they should have cancelled it since when I came home the wind chill was -24.  But they won't because of all the days we have already missed due to bad weather.  We have had our fair share.  I think this is the worse winter that I have seen in a while.  I finally turned the heat on in my apartment and even have a small heater running and it is still cold in here.  All I really want to do is lay on the sofa with a blanket.

My knee is much better.  My new year's resolution was to quit using my cane and I have been successful.  I still don't have the range of motion that I should and wonder if I will ever get it now.  I see the surgeon for my six month check on February 6.  He will be proud that I am walking so well but not so proud of how I can't bend my leg...makes putting on socks and shoes very difficult...and forget about cutting toenails...I will be getting pedicures from now on I guess.

For those who aren't on facebook with me...I have gone back to my painting.  I decided to try to get enough paintings done and to try to have an art showing of my work.  I need to start searching for a place to do this.  So far I have four paintingd done and am working on the fifth. 

Here is the one I posted on facebook....

This was just before I finished it....I added some land above the water...rounded the first zebra's body and straightened out some of the stripes.  Now I need to get it matted and framed....where I have some extra cash.   The next painting is an acrylic....easier to frame than a pastel.  All the painting in this collection will be of animals.

So between being a Grandma at school, painting...and the occasional trip to the casino that is about all I have been doing. (Oh, and trying to stay warm.)  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hahaa.. found out I already am you friend on here.. now that is something... I love your background.. very pretty..

  2. Love your painting.. wish I could do something like that. Only thing I do is watch Bob Ross.. lol.. I am about to move at the end of Feb to Spokane,WA. When I get there my plans are to save for a bicycle, My friend there rides one, and also to buy bowling equipment. I really have missed bowling. I think I can still bowl, even if I am over 65 years old.. LOL..

  3. Hope you will continue to blog with us! The one thing I discovered after having my knees replaced is that I cant get on my knees at all. You are so talented and I hope we get to see more of your art. Stay warm. We have no snow but it was 8 when I got up this morning and the high has been 22....brrrrrrr

  4. Hi Ruth! Glad to see you back. The painting looks nice. Will you post the finished product somewhere? I'd love to see it.

  5. It is so good to hear from you, here, Ruth! We are connected on Facebook, which I enjoy so much, but Blogger is just more personal and friendly. I am very impressed with your painting and can't wait to see more!! What a great way to express your creativity! Makes me want to get my paints out again. Someday I might have more time! I'm happy to hear you are doing so well with your knee replacement. Hopefully you will regain more of the range of motion. Keep us posted, please!

  6. This has been the worst winter I've known for a while, Ruth! I don't ever remember it being this cold for so long. I understand just wanting to be on the couch and stay warm. I was talking to my neighbor yesterday - it's her first winter here, poor thing. All she wants to do is stay home and stay warm.

    How great that you paint! I didn't know that about you.