Monday, December 16, 2013

There was no school today because of the recent snow.  Over the weekend we got a lot of snow.  The picture above was taken from my balcony when the snow had barely started....I think we got over 8 inches and the roads were a mess for a while.  Today it looks like they aren't so bad...but that is in town and I am sure the country roads are still a problem. 

Working at the school has been a challenge lately.  I guess the children are excited about Christmas.  They can't seem to sit still for very long or concentrate.  But then I think there is a lot expected of them for first grade.  For instance, number sentences like 2+3=5 are no longer called number sentences but equations.  True, this is the correct name but hard for a 1st grader to comprehend.  They are now being taught the cumulative you remember what that is?  Much easier just to say that 2+3=5 is also true for 3+2=5.  They aren't getting it...nor are they understanding fact families.  Do you remember being taught that in first grade?  Personally I never attended first grade so I have no comparison.  I started school in second grade due to childhood illnesses so I missed out on a lot. 

During the snowstorm I kept busy by making a to-do list and trying to complete it.  I have over twelve to-do items and completed about half.  Do you make to-do lists?  I enjoy crossing off the items done and it actually helps me to get things done that I usually procrastinate on doing. 

Today my to-do list will include...paying the remaining bills for the month, fixing the school children's gift bags, cleaning the apartment and laundry.   Of course I take breaks to check messages on my new Iphone and computer and read a little on my Kindle.   Most recent read was "The Color of Heaven" by Julianne MacLean.  Very good book and well written. I finished it at 3:30 this morning...another night where sleep eluded me. 

An update on my is better.  I think now the cold is making it achy.  My physical therapy sessions ended a few weeks ago and I don't have full movement but it is getting better and I think when summer gets here it will be much better than it is now.  I am still undecided as to whether I am glad that I had it done.  Time will tell and it is done and I just have to keep working on it.  

Now to get busy on that to-do list.  Have a great day!


  1. That IS a lot of snow. Stay warm and safe. Hope you accomplish your to-do list for today. I dont make that type list, but have in my mind what needs to be done.

  2. I am a list maker, Ruth, but don't have one for home - and that's where I need it the most!! I am a very good procrastinator, and can quite easily come up with excuses for not doing things that need to be cleaning out cupboards and closets.

    Glad you knee is feeling better!! I don't remember any of those things from first grade, and don't even know if we had arithmetic in first grade. If we did, the problems weren't called sentences OR equations. No wonder they are confused!!

  3. You got a lot of snow. It has been a whole lot of years since I was in first grade but we basically just learned the numbers and letters. All the grades are more advanced in what is taught than when I was in school. Sorry I have not been around to visit your blog in awhile, I will try to do better. Hugs

  4. Good to hear from you. I too am a list maker...couldn't do without them.

  5. Glad to hear about the knee. Be safe. The thing about snow is that there's ice too.