Monday, December 2, 2013

I have had a lot going on lately.  First, I am done with physical therapy.  My knee still isn't as good as I thought it would be but since I stopped PT it has actually improved and I am starting to feel good about it.  I can actually go without my cane now but still take it if I am going to have a long day where I will do lots of walking. 

On Thanksgiving I went to the movies on a "date".  We saw the new hunger games movie, Catching Fire.  I liked it...he didn't.  But then he didn't like much...and I think that included me after I took his hand off my thigh in the movie theater. my age I can't believe I am even trying this again!  

On Friday my phone quit....turns out that my daughter purchased a new Iphone for my grandson and somehow things got mixed up and my number was given to him.  We got it straightened out with Sprint and then I decided for $50 that I would get a new IPhone too.  I got the is a skinny little phone.  I had a choice of blue, pink or white.  Since my grandkids had blue and pink I took white.  However, I had to buy a rubber case (in case I dropped it my daughter warned me over and over not to drop my phone!)  The case is red and black so you can't even tell what color my phone is. Next I had to learn to use it.  My grand children had some good laughs at my expense....especially since I said....someone is calling me and words are on the screen...turns out it was a text from Sprint.  
I can get my mail...facebook...and a lot more right on my phone!

I had my grand daughter Hailey on Saturday.  I haven't spent much time with her and I actually enjoyed our time together.  We went shopping.  Tried out the scents in bath and body works...bought her some cool shoes at the resale shop and watched some netflix together.  

Yesterday my grandson Andrew called and wanted to come over.  I said sure.  We went to see the movie Delivery Man.  I was hesitant to go to this movie with him...he just turned 13 and I knew he would have lots of questions about sperm donations and he did.  I guess I handled it ok.  The movie is actually very good and entertaining.  Later we shared some of his birthday cake which he brought he left last night he said that we had a good time and he liked coming to my place....and was going to come more often because I could die someday....interesting.

Today our school is closed for records day.  I am heading out shortly to take the bus to the casino.  I have only done this one other time and I had an excellent time.  I hope today goes well too and that I can get on the bus okay with my stiff knee.  So wish me luck....and I hope you all have a good Monday.


  1. Sounds like you had a good holiday weekend, other than the guy at the movie. Good luck at the casino.

  2. Good to catch up on your news, Ruth! Hope you got lucky at the casino! Sounds like you are enjoying the grandkids, and it's nice that they want to spend time with you. I'm sorry that your knee isn't improving faster, but I've heard it can take a year to get it moving good again. I can't believe your date put his had on your thigh in the movies,,,acting like a 16 year old! Too funny!! I probably would have laughed at him!