Monday, January 27, 2014

Painting Number Five

This is picture number five in my animal collection.  I worked on this today during another one of
our snow storms.  I can see by taking a photo of it that there is still a little work to be done on it but for the most part I am satisfied with it.  It gave me something to do today since we didn't have school
today. (Actually I did the drawing and background over the weekend) 

 I wonder if we will have school tomorrow?  I hear that we are going to have low temps with
wind chills around -30.  I am thankful for a nice warm apartment.

Thanks to those who have read my stories.  I really appreciated your comments.  I wish there were
still magazines where you could send short stories to be published.  I don't know of any, so if you do, please let me know.  Actually, for myself I dislike reading short stories....they always seem to end to
soon so I much prefer books...and yes, I read a lot....something like 4 or 5 books a week.  What is your favorite...a story, a book or a movie?

Well, it is time for dinner....thinking of making a pot of chili...sounds good on a cold snowy day!


  1. Ruth, I feel like I should put you in touch with my friend, Brenda (Brenda Christmas). She is a writer and works with other writers. There is also a group on Blogger who write stories and have contests. Check in with Cynthia Maddox and Brenda is I just think you need to pursue your writing! They will make good connections for you, I think. I love your paintings, too. You are a very talented woman!

    1. Thanks Terri....I am already following Cynthia and I have added Brenda.

  2. I don't often read short stories either, but sometimes I read novelettes. Although I love reading, the Kindle is the only way for me to have the large library that I have. Hope you find a way to publish your stories, maybe digitally, and keep on painting.

    1. I love my Kindle too. I might just save the stories until I have a collection and then try to publish them digitally. Right now I am working on a series of paintings and then am going to try to have a show...that's one of my goals for this year. Thanks for your comment.