Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you 11 years ago?

Today marks the tragic day when the United States of America was attacked by terrorists.  It started out like a lot of other mornings for me.  I was then married and my husband was a truck driver.  He had headed out the night before for a long haul.  I was working in a real estate office.  That morning we were having our weekly meeting and then off to view new listings.  I was one of two new realtors and it was mandutory to be at the meeting.  I, like always, arrived early and we were just sitting down after getting our coffees or teas and I looked around and didn't see the other newby.  I wasn't surprised because she was late lots of times and sometimes didn't make the meetings at all.  I was patting myself on the back (mentally) when she came rushing in.  She was the one who broke the news to all of us about the attacks.  I can still remember the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach...and we were are frightened and concerned for the people in the towers....then word of the missing plane, and the pentagon came in and we were all sent home.

After getting home my husband called to make sure I was all right and told me to stay indoors.  Looking back I think then we were overdoing it a little, but it was better safe than sorry.  Everyone was glued to their tv's.  Mostly I noticed the absence of planes in the sky.....if there was one it was watched very closely.  Once I saw some military planes fly over the farm.  In the days that followed I noticed how almost everyone had a flag outside their homes....and people seemed closer...knowing that we were all in this together.

So where were you on 9-11?  What are your memories? 
Do you think it brought us together as a nation...or is it just something to look back on?


  1. I was home and I had the TV on so I saw the images of what was happening. It was a very sick , horrible feeling and yet somehow it didn't feel quite real. I cannot imagine being in the vicnity of all of that. So many lives from all around the world were and still are effected. Very tragic. I walked outside later and the sky was so blue just like it is today, so vibrant yet I knew in other places it was horrible. I remember calling my sister. I really do think it brought us together as a nation. Something like that makes you focus on what is most important and the blessings that were attacked & what we so sadly lost . Most everyone wanted to do something to help and I think we all wanted to hold those we love nearer

  2. I was at work, and blogged about it this morning. We are all changed forever, I know that for sure.

  3. I had just started a new job at a chiropractic clinic and I was working the front desk. My manager came running into the office and said that a plane had hit one of the towers. We put the radio on and by that time the second plane had hit. We ended up only seeing three patients that day. I remember like you do, the sky being so eerily silent because their were no planes in the sky. I had always known that there was evil in this world but that day scared me so bad because the evilness hit home.

  4. I was at work in an insurance office. I also blogged about that. When I saw the second plane hit, it was like watching a movie and it not being real.