Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Endeavor

A few months ago I thought that too many people where I live had nothing interesting to do.  I live in a senior apartment community.  I see folks sitting in the main floor lobby just watching people come and go.  So I thought maybe I could begin a craft class.  The main activity in the building is playing games...Monday is Bingo....Tuesday is game night is Euchre....but I thought maybe crafts would be something interesting for them to do.

I talked to the building manager and she thought it would be a great idea.  So then I started the search for an interesting craft for the first class.  This is what I came up with.  The picture doesn't really do the pins justice...I think they are cute.  They are made from Polymer Clay.

Let me know what you all you think a $10.00 charge for 2 pins and having a light refreshment  is reasonable?
Any ideas for easy crafts?
Today was our second day of school.  I am enjoying my new students.  For those that don't know I volunteer in one of our public schools as a foster grandparent.  I help 1st graders with reading and writing and interact with them since many don't have real grand parents that are with them much. 
I love listening to their stories and hearing about what their lives are like.  Today at lunch I actually got to see my kids from last year....they look so mature, and told me that 2nd grade is going well.  
I love my time at school and would recommend it to everyone.


  1. Ruth, I think it is so great that you volunteer at the school and help the kids. It's a wonderful program, and you are one of those special people who can make a difference in the lives of many little ones. Bless you!

    I think $10.00 is a very good price, and the residents should really enjoy making clay pins! It is a creative outlet, and it is also something they can give away to family or friends. Christmas is coming! How great to get a piece of jewelry made by 'grandma'!! Please let us know how it goes!

  2. You have a gift - helping others; children at school, neighbors in your community. I think the $10.00 charge is very reasonable. Be sure and take pictures of the crafts and share with us.

  3. 10.00 is a good price. I like the pins though I know they are even cuter as you said being able to see them firsthand.The craft class is such a nice thing to do. Wish I could come too!

  4. Volunteering is so rewarding!! It's so good to hear you are helping children. I like your crafts too :) i was thinking about beads decorations to go around holiday candles or maybe some Halloween crafts.

  5. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you volunteer as a foster grandparent! I think all school districts should offer this! I love the clay owl pins! I think $10 is a great price for a craft workshop! Have you checked out They have all kinds of craft ideas on there!

  6. What a kind thing for you to do with your time. Volunteering as a foster grandparent, I know brings a lot of joy to those children who do not have grandparents or who do not have grandparents who can do the same. We had to put my Mom in a nursing home in December (she has early onset Alzheimer's and is in the latter stage of the illness) and we just lost my Step-Dad (my daughter's Poppy) in July of a massive heart attack. Her Dad's parents who lived in another state, have also passed away too. I have an amazing aunt though who has stepped up and been like a foster grandparent to my daughter and it means more than words could ever express. So, what you are doing, is truly a blessing and hits close to home for me. The owl pins are cute and I think the price is very reasonable for the class as well. I hope the class turns out well for you and it generates quite a bit of interest. :)