Friday, September 14, 2012

A long week...and stay away from Butler Street

It has been a long week for me. 
On Tuesday I attended our resident's meeting and got up and spoke about the upcoming craft class.  It seemed to go over well.  I posted the sign up sheet.

On Wednesday...I looked at the sign up one had signed up.
On Thursday...there was one name and she stopped me and paid for the class...she is my next door
neighbor. one else has signed up.

It gave me second thoughts.  Maybe no one really wanted to do crafts.  What if no one else signs up?  Do I do a class with just one person?  Or do I cancel?  So last night I got to thinking that maybe I should take a bright post it and put a deadline for signing up.  That way I will know if I should continue or not.  People who live here are a strange lot.  They complain that life is boring...there is nothing to do....but if you offer them a solution they disappear.

So tonight I just had to get out of my apartment.  I decided to get a new fall top.  As I was returning a lady was sitting outside.  She was one of the people that I had talked to in the Spring about the class.  She asked me how many did I have to have to go on with the class.   She says that she intends to sign up.  ( why hasn't she?).

I guessed I am bummed about it now.

On the brighter side.  Hardly a day doesn't go by that one of my 1st graders doesn't ask me about whether I have a husband or not.  Today was no different.  Each day two students are chosen to have lunch with me and then after lunch we play board or card games.  Today the little girl asked whether I had a husband.  I said no.  She said...."Are you looking for one?"  I said,  "Sometimes, do you know someone?"  She said,
    "No, but stay away from Butler Street."   I am guessing that is the street she lives on.  So out of curiousity I asked why....and she said that an old mean man lives there.  He won't let them pick his flowers and says he is going to call the police on them.  I told her thanks for the tip. 

I am really enjoying my time at school...the children are amazing and we have already formed a bond. 

Well, have a good Friday night and a lovely weekend.  I have no plans so it should proved to be a relaxing two days for me.


  1. How great that your student doesn't want you to meet that mean old man!! Made me chuckle, Ruth! I'm sorry about the craft class sign up. Maybe the cost has some of them holding back. You can't do it for free, that's for sure, and your price is reasonable. Do it with the one or two who sign up and then others will find out how much fun it was and more will come. Keep us posted! Hugs.

  2. What a sweet conversation that was!! I can see where being a foster grandparent has to be so rewarding. That was just too precious. I'm sorry that only one person has signed up so far for your craft class. Hopefully, by putting a deadline for the sign up you will get more people who will do it. I will never understand people who complain that they are bored but never get involved when an opportunity presents itself! Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend, Ruth!

  3. Kids do say funny things, as their minds dont work like an adult yet, it is pure innocence. Better heed her warning about Mr. Hoping after you place a deadline, others will sign up for the class. I agree with Terri, maybe if you begin with 1 or 2, others will come aboard. Have a nice weekend Ruth.

  4. I somehow changed to a google reader setting and see your posts now. I'm finally learning how to navigate . Sounds like you have some cute and funny conversations with the little ones.
    If I were there I would do crafts with you :) sounds fun. Maybe it will get going better soon

  5. I finally figured out how to see your blog! Click on your picture. :D Lord help me before I tear all my hear out trying to figure this out. LOL
    Hope more folks sign up for you class.
    that little girl made me laugh out loud too!

  6. Thanks for adding me to your google. I don't post anything there, only on my blog. I see you're already friends with several of my friends here, so welcome! What kind of crafts do you do? By your background, it seems you are a quilter? I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

  7. Hi Julie,

    Nice to hear from you. I am still struggling and trying to get use to Blogger. I can't seem to find your blogs. I do like to do crafts but mostly I am a painter. I tried quilting years ago and never did finish a quilt...ended up selling the whole unfinished thing for cheap at a garage sale. I am going to try to find your blogs...

  8. Just stopping by to say hello! Hope your week is off to a great start so far!