Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 26, 2013

Today is my grandson Kobe's birthday.  Here is a picture of Kobe...

This is when he was 4 years he is 7.  Real sad that I don't have an up-to-date photo of him.  He is my youngest son's child.  When he was three my son and his mother split up and I barely get a chance to see him.  He lives here in town but my son lives in Las time goes by and I miss him.  I guess I will have to make a greater effort to see him....what has held me back was that I hate to remind him (by seeing him) that his dad is so far away.  The last time my son came home from Vegas he begged Kobe's mom for a visit and the answer was no!  So sad.

Change of subject....

Today was my doctor's appointment to get my surgical clearance from my family doctor.  Yesterday I expected a reminder call about my appointment and didn't get I had that gut feeling that something was amiss.   So it didn't hardly surprise me that when I got to the doctor's they had no record of my appointment!  The doctor was very nice and took me anyway even though her waiting room was full.  So I had my EKG and Urinalysis and tonight I need to fast so I can get my blood work and chest x-ray tomorrow.  I also have to visit a cardiologist for a stress test.   Before I left the doctor made me promise to come back after surgery and have some other routine tests that I haven't attended to.  She also explained that they had to let one employee go from their employ and kind of thought she might have been the one who messed up my appointment.

I am nervous about the surgery.  I am trying to think positive or not think about it at all too much.  My stomach is all in knots when I think of it.  So today I thought I am going to start a journal and document all my experience with this surgery...maybe it might help someone who is considering it....or maybe I will just use it to relieve my own stress.

What do you think about the new ruling concerning marriage?
I was shocked at first.  I never thought I would see a day that this country would lower their beliefs to make this ruling.  I thought our country was based on Christian principles...but we seem to be drifting far from Christianity.  I am concerned that God might not continue to bless us as a country.... I am concerned that someday this won't even be a Christian nation.  Here is a you tube video...tell me what you think of it.

try to have a nice day!


  1. Ruth I wish I could be there to encourage you about your knee surgery. As I told you, I had both of mine done at the same time, and would do it again in a heartbeat. You should just think of time, you will be able to walk again without pain. Just do what the drs. and therapists tell you, take the pain medicine and you will be fine.
    As for the is a scary thing. Christians can give up or give in. God will rule in the end and we have to cling to that.
    I read that Dearborn,MI has a huge population already. There is a mosque here in my town, and I know of another one in middle Tennessee. They are quietly building them all around us and moving in.
    Ask me anything you can think of that worries you about the surgery and I will be honest with you. What is the date again?

  2. Prayers for your surgery that all will go well including healing and follow up therapies.

    I too am afraid God will lift His blessing from our country very soon and we are all going to be in for a world of hurt then!

  3. My surgery is scheduled for July 15. I guess that I worry that I won't learn to walk with an artificial knee without a walker or cane. Living where I am, I see many who have had the surgery but still are using walkers. How long did it take for you to walk normally again. And yes, Dearborn is full of Muslims...and when I went to the zoo in Toledo I saw many there too.

    1. I had surgery on 5-31 and by 7-15, I was in the pool at the rec center doing water aerobics. It will surprise you. I am praying all goes well for you like it did for me.

  4. I saw a very upliifting video on the webpage Upworthy, and believe as long as there are good people in the world, people who practice what they preach, I'll remain positive.

    I'm glad you have a friend who's had a knee operation, so she can really help you. Your idea about keeping a journal is an excellent one.

    Last but not least, your grandson is ever so sweet. Too bad he has to suffer because of his parents' mistake.

  5. I have searched and searched and searched for your blog! lol Here it is and I have already followed you. My mind is gone. Have you followed me on my google friends connect nearer the bottom of my blog? I'd appreciate it.

  6. PS I hope your surgery goes well - I am not sure what type of surgery it is.
    Happy Birthday to Kobe.
    And America is changing for sure - and not for the good it seems.

  7. I wish I had your email address so that I could comment back - mine is skcz at comcast dot net

    Thank you for following me on Bloglovin. That is my reader too and I followed you on that as well. GFC is not going away the reader part of it is going away - at least not yet. Probably in the future. But for now I would really appreciate you following me on that too - for my numbers. It helps me to get reviews for giveaways to my followers. Thanks. sandie

    1. Don't know if you got my email...mine is My surgery is for a total knee replacement on my left knee. Thanks for your interest and comments.

  8. Ruth, you are in my prayers. Everyone I know who has had knee replacement is glad they did it, and are doing fine. You will be fine, too. I am worried about our country, too, but try to stay positive that good will win out in the end. I know where my heart is, and that will never change. Christians need to stay strong and stay true to our beliefs. Love & hugs!