Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday was test day

Today was my day for tests for my upcoming knee replacement surgery.  I had to fast last night and get to the hospital early.  There were lots of people in the waiting room so it took a while before I went in.  I was lucky and my poke was very light.  I had a whole battery of blood work to be done and a chest x-ray.  The other tests were done at the doctor's office and turned out fine.

So this afternoon I was surprised to get the results so soon.  The chest x-ray was fine but they did find a glitch in my blood work.  Seems my hemoglobin count is low.  So the doctor prescribed some pills to correct this before surgery.  I wish I hadn't read the side effects because after twenty minutes of taking the first pill I got nauseous...of course I had read that was a side I am wondering now if it is mental or real.  Thank goodness that only lasted a few hours and I am fine now.  I don't look forward to being nauseous every day for a month so I am hoping that my body will adjust and be fine.  Now I know why I am always tired and have no energy.  Also if could be the cause of my leg cramps...I am hoping to see all these symptoms disappear.

My stress test is schedule for July 2....same day that I go to the hospital for a Joint 201 class that will go over my procedure and recovery options.  I think this class will ease my mind a little about the surgery.  And some of your comments have also helped with that.

My school teacher just had her surgery and is doing well.  She had lost a lot of weight...maybe over 200 lbs and was getting a skin job and stomach stapling.  It will be interesting to see how she looks in the fall.

I just want to apologize about my earlier blog.  I wrote a blog this morning regarding the recent Supreme Court decision and some other things and decided that it was just too controversial and took it down.  I forgot about google and didn't take it from there so some people were getting a blank page.  Sorry about that.

We had a lot of rain here in my town today again.  The streets were flooded and one person had to be rescued by the fire department and taken to safety.  I watched from my balcony window....personally I love storms as long as all are safe.

Well it is late and past my bedtime.  Everyone have a good night.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling so much more confident about your upcoming surgery. I know Linda made some very good comments.

    Rain is good, but not floods. Some areas in the North of Spain have suffered floods as has other places in Europe. How are your tomato plants?

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better about the surgery, Ruth. Sorry that the pills for your hemoglobin made you feel sick to your stomach. Are they iron pills? I know that those can cause stomach upset. You can get iron from raisins (and other foods, too). Nice that you could watch the rescue from your apartment, but I'm sorry are rescue was necessary. Thanks for keeping us posted!