Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Back for a visit -- or back for good

I haven't been on this site for a LONG time....maybe as much as two years.  But today, or just a little while ago a little voice in my head said to go to blogger and see if anyone was still around.  So are you there??   I did check out a couple of blogs and was just about to leave and go back to what I originally got on line to do when that little voice asked, "Aren't you going to post anything?"

So here I am.  It is finally summer here in Michigan.  Been hot for the last several days.  I thought I would be volunteering for the Foster Grandparents this summer but somehow I never got placed in a position.  They used to have the Summer Reading Program but it was decided to discontinue it.  Instead the Grandmas are going to the Y, the Boys and Girls club, the daycares, or waiting for the pop-up summer reading camps to begin with the Intermediate School District.  I had hoped for a position at the Library helping there with the Reading Club for Children, but instead, I found myself left out of that and felt hurt and left out.  I'm over it now but I need to find something to do.  My school teacher has asked me to babysit her boys for two days and that will give me the money I'm missing to pay my bills.  I can't believe I can make more money in two days of babysitting than 5 days at school....but that's the way it is.  She won't need me again until the end of the month, so money will be tight until then. 

I still have this dream of moving to Florida.   My friend Jill moved to Ft. Meyers....she would like me to move close to her.  So I've been on line looking for jobs and apartments there....I know....I'm kind of old to be looking for a job but I wasn't wise in my younger years and didn't put money away for retirement so I guess I'll have to work until I die.  I don't actually mind....I hate just sitting around the apartment.  And that's what I do most days now.  It is strange when you're working that you think of all the things you would do if you stayed home...but when it happens, you sit like a bump on a log and wish you were back out there.

I got a different car last year.  It is small...a little Ford I'm wanting a bigger vehicle.  So today I called to get a payoff on my loan and I actually think I owe more money than I borrowed!  How can that be?  Maybe this year I have only paid interest?  If anyone knows how that works maybe they can explain it to me.  I'm going to find the original paperwork and do some research on it.  So I'm thinking of trading my car for a mini-van.  I think it would be beneficial if I ever did move.  I could just load it up with things I really want and get rid of everything else.  It's a thought anyway.

Well, I think I'll go back to job searching....let me know your thoughts.

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