Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog.  I just read my last one and am happy to post that I am much, much better.  It has been three months since my total knee replacement surgery and I still am in therapy but not for long since medicare does set limits to how many therapy sessions one can have.  Two week ago I wasn't making any progress in therapy so we switched my therapy to water therapy.  The pool is small but it is delightfully warm.  It is a salt water pool so there is not that annoying chlorine smell to put up with.  Has it helped?  Perhaps a little.  It relaxes me and the therapist can then bend my knee but still not enough to meet her goal.  I will be happy when the stiffness is gone but I am mostly pain free now.  

After my last blog I realized one day that the pain pills were not for me.  I had been taking two every four hours.  It was no wonder that I was out of it!  So I just decided one Friday morning that I would not take another pain pill.  My daughter had warned me that I would have withdrawal and I sure did.  It took two weeks for it to clear my system but it was worth it.  Next time I will consult my doctor and get something to help get off pain pills.  (Hopefully there won't be a next time).  

I don't return to see the surgeon until February so I am hoping to have made lots of progress by then.   

On another note....I have decided to start writing again.  I have always wanted to write a book...but I am not going to start out with that....maybe some essays, blogging, and some short stories....but we will see.  Right now I am reading a book titled "Everyday Writing" by Laurie Rozakis.  It is a great motivation tool.  

School is going great and I have increased my daily hours to six.  It makes for a long day, but it is enjoyable and entertaining.  I love the children and they encourage me to believe in a future for our country. 

Enough for tonight.  Sleep well.


  1. Ruth, I am SO happy to see you back here, and to know that you are doing so much better. I've been a little concerned about you, but didn't want to be a pest with my posts. You have remained in my prayers! What a great thing to get started writing again! And your friends here will benefit from your more frequent posts!! Love & hugs!!

  2. I sure am happy to hear your pain has gone and that you are making good progress with PT. Water therapy is the weight bearing and it just feels good all over. I admire you so much for working with the children, and for wanting to write a book. I look forward to reading what you post here and then the book!

  3. Welcome back, dear Ruth. Terri has passed on your messages, but it's good to see you blogging again I hope and pray your knee gets stronger every day. Until your next post.