Friday, August 31, 2012

Strange things sometime happen in grocery stores.  I just read that a shooting occurred in a grocery store.  It made me stop and think about my trip to the store

I just finished our back to school meeting with the foster grandparent program and decided to head to the grocery store before going home.  Once inside I grabbed the small cart because that way I wouldn't buy so much....I like grocery shopping and if I take the small cart (available at Meijer's) I don't seem to buy as much and living alone that is probably for the best.

I was in the cracker isle and all of a sudden I heard shouting.  Right away my listening ears perked up.  I could tell it was a mother and an older man having it out.  She was yelling that he shouldn't interfere with her children and he was yelling back that she should do something about them.  She yelled that she was their mother and it was up to her to tell them what to do....and he yelled back that he didn't like it and should be able to go to the grocery without young children under his 90 year old feet.  Feet that had fought for our freedom and security in World War II.  By this point I looked around at the other people in my isle and everyone had just stopped dead in their tracks and were listening.  I looked across from me and the other lady and I just smiled at each was a sample of how two generations think so differently.

It made me remember when as a single mom with four little children that I had to take to the grocery store with me every time.  I don't remember them ever getting in trouble but there were times that they tried my patience and I often wished that I had family nearby to help watch them for a few hours while I shopped or did something I wanted to do.  I remember once when my daughter was little, she reached for an orange that was part of a pyramid....the whole pyramid started to collapse and oranges were everywhere!  Living in a small town she had never seen black (Afro-American) people.  Once in the store there was a black man who was very dark....her eyes about popped out of her head and she said, "Mom!  What's wrong with him?  Look at his skin!"  I was embarrassed and hurried away...hoping that he didn't hear her.....later I showed her pictures of people from different races and explained that not all people look the same but we are all God's children and have like feelings and desires.   I think that helped because today she has many friends and never judges anyone by their looks.

So the holiday weekend is upon us.   What are your plans? 
My daughter and her fiance are having an end of summer party...which I will go to on Sunday.  Then on Monday, my gal friends and I are going on a day trip to Lake Michigan.  So this will be a chance to get some new photos and have a good time too. 

Hope you have a nice day and a good weekend.



  1. It sounds like you did a wonderful parenting job with your children .
    I used to work in the bakery dept of a grocery store. Sometimes I stocked shelves and have heard a couple shouting matches . Some people were rude but mostly people were pretty decent. Even the ones that look a little grouchy sometimes soften up with a smile and kind word.
    It is my grandsons 7 birthday so we have a birthday party to attend . That is all I know for sure .
    Have a good weekend

    1. Happy Birthday to your grandson. Seven is such a cute age....they are always curious and excited then. Hope you have a good weekend too.

  2. Good evening, Ruth! I am late getting to blogs tonight. Sounds like you will have a great weekend! It's too bad when people of any age, but especially those old enough to know better, argue and yell in public like that! What a shame. I think you handled the situation with your daughter just right! Love your Blogger page! I'm so glad you are here! Hugs & love.

  3. Hope your enjoy your weekend; sounds like you have fun events planned. Times have really changed as far as rearing children, hasnt it? Respect is totally out the window and some parents think their children can do no wrong, and usually just say, oh well, that is the way it is these days! NOT. You did a great job of training and teaching your children, and I am sure they are fine adults. Again, have fun this weekend, and will look forward to pictures.

  4. It upsets me when I am in a store and I see a parent letting their children run wild. That man was 90 years old and he probably is not steady on his feet. He could have easily fell while they were running around him. Parents need to start disciplining their children when they are young or they are going to be dealing with a much bigger problem when the kids are older.