Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Again not a lot to write about.

Went to school this morning and the kids are getting wilder and wilder.  Today was the day of the math test. 

Each student was given a folder to put up in front of them (so no one can look at another's paper)...then the test is handed out.  It was two pages with 4 problems on each page.  The first four were addition problems and the other page was subtraction.  The teacher reads the question and then gives the children time to answer.

But I forgot...before that happened there were pencils to be sharpened (by me) and erasers to be found.  It's the end of the school years so both are in short supply.  But somehow we manage to get everyone ready.

First question was something like this ....there were 5 birds on the fence...3 more birds landed many birds in all. 
Well...two weeks ago this would have been easy for them....but since I haven't seen any math done in the last couple of was like asking them to write the formula for an atomic bomb or something.  I was sitting at one table beside a girl that begged me to sit with her.  "Grandma" she whispered..."help me."   I said that I couldn' was a test.  She started crying.

I moved to another table.

Next question and the little boy sitting next to me said "I need help Grandma"   So again I whispered that I couldn't....It was heartbreaking.  More that half the class turned in papers that were incomplete...but there was some surprises too....some children that I thought wouldn't know seemed to have no trouble at all.

When I left school today I was worn out.  Six more days to go.  I stopped to think about that and realized then I wouldn't have anything to do to keep me busy.  I will really miss my days with the kids then.

Today I learned that there is a chance my daughter who lives in Florida might be moving to Alabama.  I don't know anything about I wish I would have gone to Florida with my friend tomorrow....I might not get to go again.  That is just sad.


  1. You can always come for a visit in Lakeland, Ruth! Keep us posted about Arlene's move to Alabama. Hope it's a job promotion for her! The kids are still young enough to move to a new school without too much drama.

    The students are counting down the days here! Sure wish I had the summer off!! LOL You are right though, that the days will seem long without the kids in your class to keep you busy. Maybe it's time to paint again!!

  2. Our kids are all out, and doing the 'summer camps', vacations with families, etc. I know how you enjoy being with the little ones, and know you have a good influence on their lives. Alabama has a coast on the Gulf, and lots of sunshine too!

  3. I seem to remember that you did a lot of de-cluttering. That's what I need to do, so I can get my apartmernt redone from floor to ceiling. You can come help me de-clutter.