Monday, May 19, 2014

Not sure anymore!

Some of you are friends on facebook and have already heard my news but I didn't put the story there...just an announcement. 

When I dropped off the entries for the art show (competition), I went to the museum and before I could enter the building a man approached me outside and asked if he could help me.  I asked him if this was the right place to leave my entries.  He said yes and that he could take them.  I gave him the envelope with my entry, my check and the three photos of my entries.  He said thanks..and I asked when I would know if I was accepted.  He said that I should get a call by May 15th. 

May 15th came and went.

I was a sad gal.  I never received a phone call!  First I was sad, then worried because my daughter thought it was strange that I gave the entry to a man, didn't get his name or a receipt...what can I say...I am very trusting.  Then I got mad.  How unfair to not let me know one way or another!  So the next day, I sat depressed in the afternoon and decided that I would just call the museum to make sure they got my entry...and maybe find out something.

So I looked up the number on the internet and called.  This time one of my first questions was "Who am I talking to?"  Then I said I needed to know if they received my entries and was I accepted or not....

And glory be...he said yes and that I was accepted.  I questioned why I didn't heard from them by the 15th and he said the deadline had been extended and they letter went out that day.

I was flooded with a bunch of emotions....relief, happiness, expectation....

Now today I expected the letter and no letter ?!?   I've have already
told a bunch of people so I hope there is no mix up.

Anyway, my photos don't do the paintings justice....but I thought I would try to post them anyway.

I won't know anything for a while....the show runs from June through July 3rd.  I just feel honored to be able to exhibit them and am now working on some to display at a local book store where they help local artists sell their paintings. 


  1. Wishing you luck, especially with your paintings at the book store. It sounds strange to me too that you didn't get a receipt when you rook your paintings.

  2. You are so very talented Ruth. I know you breathed a sigh of relief and am sure the exhibit will go well. Keep us posted.

  3. Well, I am so happy that your work has been recognized, Ruth, and that the Museum really did receive your entries!! It is strange that the letter is lost, but thank goodness you called them!

    You might try a local coffee shop, if there is one nearby, because they will often allow artists to display their work for sale. I am very excited for you!